Farming and Agricultural Insurance

How can our farming insurance experts help?

Our team of farm insurance brokers are industry experts and as a business we have over 60 years’ experience arranging agricultural insurance. 

  • Local

    We have specialists across the British countryside who can take the time to visit your farm and gain a thorough understanding of you and your business.

  • Knowledgeable
    We understand agriculture and can provide cover and advice for the things affecting you.
  • Connected
    We work closely with many of the leading agricultural insurance providers to offer a range of innovative and market-leading solutions.

What agricultural insurance is available? 

We can arrange a wide range of farming insurance from arable to intensive livestock, property, business interruption, liability cover and more. Whether it is standard insurance for farmers or a modern diversification we can cater for each eventuality.

Farm combined

Farm insurance combining the key elements of your farm that you need to protect. 

Rural Protect 

Rural Protect is a specialist insurance product designed to protect the interests of rural clients

Farm fleet

Covering your cars, commercial and agricultural vehicles, as well as implements and attachments.

Farm diversification

Insurance in agriculture is evolving, and so are our solutions. We're here to help you branch out from traditional farming to develop new revenue streams.

Agricultural contracting

Farmshield is a scheme designed with agriculture in mind, providing the best solution for your unique contracting business.

Environmental liability

Having appropriate cover under your farm insurance policy could be crucial in avoiding unexpectedly large bills for clean up costs.

Livestock disease cover

Animal and poultry disease outbreaks are unpredictable and often devastating. Your farm insurance policy could be crucial to dealing with livestock disease.

Agricultural equipment inspection

We can help you keep up-to-date with legislation and offer advise for protecting your farm and staff.

Growing Timber

We know just how much time, labour, money, and maintenance work it takes to grow timber. Many standard insurance policies are inadequate for the unique circumstances of your work and won’t protect your assets if the worst happened.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need farming insurance? 
There are so many risks in farming. Injury to your employees or members of the public, damage to your crops, livestock, equipment, theft of property, illness, weather events, legals costs and many more that can hurt your business. Having the correct insurance in place will protect your farm and your business.
What types of agriculture equipment typically requires inspection?
Many machines around a farm require regular checks including: steam boilers, air pressure plants, refrigeration plants, hot water heating/supply systems, fork lift trucks, lifting plant including blocks and tackle, personnel lifts, excavators/loading shovels, telehandlers, general electrical/mechanical plants.
Should I insure against the costs of the environmental damage my farm may cause?
Yes, if you are held responsible for a pollution event, the Environment Agency has the power to impose these clean up costs upon you, including the costs incurred by their consultants or contractors and even where the event occurs on your own land. Find out more about environmental liability cover.
What is covered under legal protection? 
We provide a specialist legal expenses cover for farmers that includes: contract disputes, criminal prosecution, wrongful arrest, employment disputes, property disputes, tax, arbitration and agricultural land, Basic Payment Scheme, personal injury and more.
How often am I required to undertake LOLER? 

Lifting equipment has to be inspected once a year, unless it has a man cage, in which case it must be checked every 6 months.