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Rural Protect

Join our community of rural protect clients and protect your rural business.

Farming business insurance

Marsh Commercial is a UK insurance broker, who can provide expert insurance solutions, advice and guidance for rural businesses. The Rural Protect product is designed specifically to provide management liability and legal insurance protection for rural sector businesses.

The Rural Protect product provides bespoke cover to specifically suit your rural business so you can focus on the day to day running of your farm. The bespoke cover can include: personal liability, employment practices liability, company legal liability and family legal expenses.

Key features and benefits

Rural Protect benefits for agricultural businesses include:

  • Cover for all employees within the business.
  • Advice for investigations raised by UK regulators (HSE, Defra, HMRC – Tax / PAYE / NIC / Employer Compliance and VAT etc.).
  • Agricultural tenancy dispute cover – not dependent on going to arbitration.
  • Access to HR related advice over the phone or online.
  • Wider cover than a standard commercial legal expense.
  • No prospect of success clause 24/7 emergency access to a solicitor through rradars crisis line.
  • High limits of indemnity.
  • Legal advice privilege meaning discussions with rradar are confidential and not admissible to court.
  • Fraud cover for instances when accidental payments are sent to a fraudsters account.
  • Covers fee for intervention (FFI) charged by HSE, also including equivalent environmental agency fees.

Plus, key optional extras

Employment practices liability which provides cover for costs that arise due to wrongful acts within the employment process such as discrimination, harassment, and other procedural breaches.

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What's insured?

  • Personal liability - offers legal representation to individuals within a business, such as employees, who have been accused of an offence and face potential financial penalties or imprisonment due to employee theft or other wrongdoing.
  • Employment practices liability - provides cover for costs that arise due to wrongful acts within the human resources and employment process, such as discrimination, harassment, and other procedural breaches.
  • Company legal liability - provides help with serious consequences, such as fines and reputational damage, that arise when companies don't follow legal obligations, like health and safety, correctly.
  • Family legal expenses insurance - provides cover for legal expenses incurred by the business's directors, partners, and owners, and the families that permanently reside with them.

What's not insured?

Non-agricultural related activities are not insured unless these include diversifications with a primary agricultural business activity.

Why choose us for your Rural Protect policy?

The agricultural industry continues to rapidly evolve. Agricultural markets are highly volatile, often unpredictable, and unforeseen factors can have a major impact on a farm’s profitability. We have a strong, well-developed understanding of this, the rural community, and the farming industry as a whole.

We work in conjunction with our clients to create a tailored insurance portfolio to protect the balance sheet, providing expert insurance advice specifically tailored to the agricultural industry.

In an industry of such uncertainty, we pride ourselves on being a source of reliable and consistent advice. We specialise in the rural insurance market, providing solutions to suit your needs.

Get a Rural Protect insurance policy now 

Get in touch with a rural insurance expert today to secure your cover.

Frequently asked questions

There are so many risks in farming. Injury to your employees or members of the public, damage to your crops, livestock, equipment, theft of property, illness, weather events, legals costs and many more that can hurt your business. Having the correct insurance in place will protect your farm and your business. Rural Protect cover provides tailored insurance protection for rural property owners, addressing unique risks such as property damage, farming activities, liability, and loss of income. We have offices located in various locations across the United Kingdom, ranging from Kirkwall to Newquay. Complete the contact us form and we will contact you at a convenient time.