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Medical indemnity insurance

Why do you need medical indemnity insurance?

If a patient you’re treating suffers an injury on your premises, your public liability cover will protect you. On the other hand, if a claim is made against you that relates to a patient’s financial loss, in that case your professional indemnity will provide valuable protection against compensation and legal costs.

But, what if the claim relates to an allegation of neglect during treatment or therapy? This is where medical indemnity insurance will protect you against legal costs and claims for damages. As a doctor, nurse, dentist or other healthcare professional, when you’re running a busy surgery you have a duty of care to each patient, but if this slips you could face a claim of negligence.

Medical indemnity insurance is incorporated into all our care insurance policies, including care homes and domiciliary care.

What types of incidents will medical indemnity insurance cover?

As a medical professional, you risk facing claims made against you. Some of the common claims our medical indemnity insurance policy will cover you for include:

  • Misdiagnosis or omissions
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Incorrect treatment
  • Prescription errors
  • Failure to provide a clean environment
  • Failing to adequately train doctors and other staff.

*This list is not exhaustive

How our medical indemnity insurance experts can help you

Otherwise known as medical malpractice, medical indemnity insurance will provide cover if you breach your professional duties: alleged violation of duty of care or omissions, or professional negligence.

Our care insurance experts are here to ensure you and your organisation are protected should you find yourself facing a claim. Get in touch with us for a medical indemnity quote.

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Frequently asked questions

The level of cover you need depends on the risks your business faces. Cover can be anywhere from £2m to £10m or beyond. The patients you deal with, or local authority contracts you have tendered for may dictate the minimum value of cover you need. Yes. We would advise any business to have public liability insurance in place, whether you occupy a premises, work away, or visit people's homes as part of your work. Medical indemnity insurance relates to malpractice in medical professions. It can apply to accidents, mistakes and other incidents. Where negligence is proven, the insurance covers the cost of the compensation paid to the claimant.