Accessibility support and services

Marsh is committed to doing the right thing for our customers, in particular those in vulnerable circumstances. This is underpinned by Marsh McLennan’s code of conduct - The Greater Good - which emphasises our commitment to professionalism, understanding and knowledge of our customers, and being there in the moments that matter.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and there are various circumstances in which a customer maybe considered vulnerable and in need of extra support.

If you have any specific needs or requirements, or you’re having difficulties you’d like to talk to us about, please advise your usual Marsh contact so we can gain a better understanding of your individual needs and do our best to assist you, whether it's by providing accessible documents, or giving you a little extra support.

How to tell us about your personal circumstances or needs

If you have any impairments or personal circumstances that we need to make adjustments for, please advise your usual Marsh contact.

With your consent we can flag your account so that we can work with you to appropriately meet your needs when we re-connect in the future.

Extra support and services

We’re committed to providing support and services that are accessible and inclusive for everyone. This means that we are continuously making improvements where you’ve told us something isn’t working or where there are unintentional barriers in your way.

We have various services available, for example working with your approved representative and providing documents in accessible formats.

Our colleagues are trained to understand the needs of their customers; have the right skills and capability to recognise and respond to the needs of vulnerable customers; and will adopt a flexible approach in our communications.

Continuous improvement

We monitor and evaluate whether our colleagues are meeting and responding to the needs of vulnerable customers and make improvements where this is not happening.