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Commercial construction insurance

What construction project insurance do I need?

If you’re an owner, contractor, engineering consultant, or project partner, the risks you face in the construction sector are varied. Depending on your requirements, you may be best suited to a solution that includes covers such as:

  • Owner controlled insurance (OCIP) – enables owners and developers to arrange an insurance cover that’s most appropriate to each individual project. Find out more
  • Latent defects – covers physical damage to a property caused by defective design, materials, workmanship, construction or site preparation, undiscovered at the date of practical completion. Find out more
  • Cyber liability – helps protect you from hacking, loss of confidential employee data and cyber exposures from integrated project delivery (IPD) and building information modelling (BIM). Find out more
  • Professional indemnity (PI) – protects professionals against potential claims for injury, damage or loss caused by professional incompetence or negligence. Find out more

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Additional cover your project may require

Other aspects of construction insurance cover, as an employer, you may need to consider/understand include:

  • Delay in start-up insurance (DSU)
  • Public liability
  • Non negligent liability
  • Rights of light
  • Environmental impairment liability
  • Legal indemnities.

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What project are you looking to insure?

We can support a wide range of construction projects including:

  • Commercial and residential renovations, conversions and new builds
  • Shop/office fit outs
  • Large single projects
  • Premises enhancements.
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Feel secure in your cover

We understand the challenges you face; from economic uncertainty and increasing material costs, to labour shortages and modern methods of construction. Take comfort that we’re big enough to keep you safe as part of a world-leading insurance group, Marsh McLennan. Small enough to care as a UK community broker with 25+ years' in the construction industry.

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Owner controlled construction project (OCIP) insurance

Can you be sure that the cover arranged by someone else, such as a contractor, is adequate for your project? Cover arranged by the employer provides control over the policy, costs and ensures claims are paid directly. 

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Latent defects insurance

When third parties have inadequate cover or cease trading, you can be left exposed to undiscovered risks. Latent defects insurance helps protect you in these scenarios, filling the gap in standard property insurance policies. 

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Making a claim can be a stressful process, but with:

43,000+ claims handled in 2020 – nearly one every 10 minutes!
90+ in-house claims advisers.
Access to expert claims consultants If you have a large loss.

You can expect something of real value from us.

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