CORONAVIRUS resource centre

Is your business prepared for Coronavirus?

The ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues, with far-reaching effects on people, travel, supply chains, and economies globally. In response to the impact of the outbreak being felt by businesses all over the UK, we've created this resource centre to house all important news and information to update you on the potential implications for your business.

The resources below will be updated daily as the situation develops, so please check back often. 

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Useful links and information. 

For information about Business Interruption Loan Schemes (CBILS), visit:

Other useful links and resources include:

Make your business more resilient 

Keeping sight of key risks, and understanding how they have been impacted by COVID-19, is key for building resilience. Discover more in our Resilience eBook where we take a look at risks on the horizon and how to futureproof your business.

Private COVID-19 testing

Through our sister company Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB), we have access to a private COVID-19 testing service that can support your business in your return to workplace strategy.


We've collated the most frequently asked questions to provide you with the answers you need to manage your business throughout these uncertain times. 


Hosted by various industry experts from within the Marsh family, our webcasts aim to help you respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Register for upcoming webcasts, and watch replays of previous ones. 

Book Of Smiles

Making people smile is what the Book of Smiles is all about. Smiling faces of colleague’s children, a touch of poetry, along with a pet gallery and puzzle pages.

Health and Safety Hub

To support you in the resilience and recovery from COVID-19, we've created a number of downloadable tools, guides and checklists to help navigate you through some of the most common risks and measures you can take to protect your business.

Dealing with the impact - Updated May 28

Watch the latest update on how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting our market, pensions, investments and wellbeing. For all upcoming webcasts, please go to: https://www.mmc.com/pages/coronavirus.html#UpcomingWebcasts

Closing facilities

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic has prompted governments and businesses to take extraordinary steps to help slow the spread of the virus and keep people safe. As a result, many organisations are being forced to close their facilities temporarily.

Health, safety, and welfare

For employers and employees, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to bring daily challenges. The legal, moral, and financial duties placed upon organisations can be overwhelming. We aim to help organisations answer some of the questions that have arisen

Coronavirus resilience

Are you prepared for the Novel Coronavirus outbreak? The Marsh factsheet covers managing the operational and potential organisational impacts.

Credit risk insurance implications

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting economic activity. As the number of cases outside of China rises, it appears that many of the world’s largest economies will be affected, posing risks to global trade and business operations.

Remote working

Many businesses are now encouraging their employees to work from home where possible. These tips and self-evaluation methods will help your employees to remain engaged, and stay on track with their work.

Coronavirus and cover

Many organisations are asking the question of how insurance coverage might respond to virus-linked losses. We aim to give you the answers.