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Workplace pensions - reducing costs case study

The UK division of a global parent had been tasked with reducing costs in the business. The employer paid an administration charge for their pension plan with a provider amounting to a total charge of £45,000 per annum.

Workplace pensions - Salary sacrifice case study

An office move was having a negative impact on employee engagement, with employees worried about the impact this would have on their work life balances.

Workplace pensions - Auto Enrolment case study

An employer contacted us because they were approaching their three-year re-enrolment date for Automatic Enrolment and wanted to carry out a review of their processes.

Hannah Bell

Development Director

Martin Lovell

Sales & Distribution Director

Paul Emery

Head of Private Clients

Karolina Kowalska

Client Services Director

Insurance Review Surgery - Cardiff


An Update Regarding EEA Transactions and Swiss Business
GDPR and cyber security seminar (6 June 2018)

To ensure your business is compliant with the new law, you need to understand the new requirements and how best to apply them in practice. Here's how your business can prepare for the changes. 

Why going green is good for business

Whilst going green seems to be a large focus for indviduals, are we applying that same focus to business?

The benefits of a good sleep

I think most of us would accept that without a good night’s sleep we may not be at our best during working hours.  Yet the reality of what this may mean for the quality and volume of our daily work is perhaps much less understood.

The human side to GDPR and why it matters

Data protection is fundamentally a human issue. And yet, relatively little is written about the human cost of data breaches. Without this focus, organisations will likely continue to view GDPR as a compliance exercise.

Improve your credit score

Your credit score is used by any company you may apply to for credit. It helps lenders judge what type of credit risk you are and affects the amount of credit you can access.

Improving the financial fitness of your workforce

Your employees’ financial fitness can have an impact on the productivity of your business. Low financial wellbeing can cause stress and illness.

Fit for work assessments to end in 2018

Last week the government published a new paper which sets out an ambitious but welcome plan to get one million more disabled people into the UK workplace over the next 10 years.  

Are you doing enough to help your employees save for retirement?

New research from Reed shows that employees highly value their pension benefits.

Fire: Is your business fully prepared?

A fire in the workplace presents huge risks to property and to the health of employees and the public.

Football fever hits Chipping Sodbury

It was an exciting World Cup and not just in Russia. Football fever well and truly hit Chipping Sodbury too, with a World Cup desk decorating competition taking over the Jelf office.

GDPR – are you ready?

The Information Commissioner’s Office is the public body responsible for ensuring the UK is ready for GDPR. They have acknowledged there may be questions about how the GDPR…

Annual Jelf Wellbeing Event: Mental Health in the Workplace (Bristol)

It’s time for Jelf’s annual wellbeing event, and this year we are focusing on a key employment topic of the moment, Mental Health in the Workplace.

Seminar Terms and Conditions
Legal update: Victory for workers as tribunal fees are scrapped

On Wednesday 26th July, Unison reported that they had won a landmark victory against the government.

Is your business guilty of these top 4 cyber security mistakes?

An article in BRINK has revealed the most common cyber security mistakes businesses make and how to avoid them.

The importance of business continuity planning

If your business faced a devastating situation as a result of a terrorism attack, cyber attack, fire, flood or natural disaster, would you be able to deal with it?

Data protection and Internet of Things: How will GDPR impact your business?

Loosely speaking, the IoT refers to a whole class of day-to-day objects. Cars, umbrellas, kettles, light bulbs and health devices sold with built-in network connectivity.

Employee Wellbeing Seminar, London (18th October 2018)

Recent reports have shown just 15% of employees are engaged at work with sick staff costing British firms £77 billion annually in lost productivity.

Dealing with dementia in the workplace

Ensuring the wellbeing of your employees is important for caring employers. But the wellbeing of your employees also has an impact on your business.

Minimum Income standard for workers

Despite recent increases in the National Living Wage, many UK employees are still not earning enough to provide an acceptable standard of living. 

Easter 2018 is not that far away…

Today represents a return to the workplace for many after the Easter bank holiday break. The Jelf Employee Benefits team are already looking ahead to the same holiday period next year.

Auto-Enrolment: Maintaining the Momentum

Earlier this week the DWP published their latest review document which looks at the success of Pension Auto-Enrolment, and what changes may be required to build on that success.

Tax break ‘would extend GIP to extra 1.5 million people’

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has called on the government to introduce a tax incentive.

Cost saving benefits

We’ve compiled this list of a few different benefits you may have and not realise it to help you make the most of them and be better with money.

Effective employee wellbeing management

Effective management of your employee wellbeing is essential to the health of your staff and will help keep your business health too.

Five ways senior execs can confront cyber risk

The cyber stakes have changed for the C-suite. A new report offers five recommendations for boards and the C-suite to confront cyber risk.

Are you gender pay gap ready?

The final draft of the Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations has been published, along with a short note explaining what each of the regulations mean and what employers need to do.

Half of small projects fail HSE inspections

Inspectors visited 1,840 sites and found that 49 percent of inspected businesses did not meet health and safety standards.

Employ US nationals? Help them get the healthcare they need

Individuals in the UK observing the ongoing US healthcare saga will no doubt feel grateful to have access to the NHS.

Employee data – what’s changing?

As a HR professional, you are constantly balancing the privacy of employees with the information an employer needs to know.

How effective is your risk culture?

Every business has a risk culture. The question is whether that culture is supporting or hindering success.

Start planning for retirement now!

You’ve got so many things to think about especially when it comes to your finances, so you’d be forgiven if planning for your retirement isn’t top of that list...

Exercise and mental health

A new report suggests that physical exercise can contribute towards good mental health.

State Pension Age to rise to 68 by 2039

The Government has confirmed it will raise the state pension age (SPA) to 68 between 2037 and 2039, seven years ahead of the date range originally planned.

GDPR and Cyber Security Seminar (Hull)

We have an excellent range of speakers helping you to be compliant with GDPR and prepare for cyber security risks.

Building trust in the digital age

Data security is the deciding factor for 9/10 customers, how can you build trust in the digital age?

Addressing sexual harassment in the workplace

The Women and Equalities Committee has published its report on sexual harassment in the workplace focusing on changing the culture and attitude towards sexual harassment.

Autumn Budget Statement (1): Salary Sacrifice

We will be reviewing the statements made around Employee Benefits in more detail over the next few weeks.

Employment Law Essentials: Training for Managers

Provides practical guidance in dealing with the most common employment law issues faced by managers, supervisors and HR professionals on a day-to-day basis.

Let’s celebrate national technology day

From the wheel to smart phones, technology has been changing the world.

Get fit for farming

Obesity amongst adults in England is on the rise and now 63% of adults are considered over-weight or obese. As a farmer, can you afford to be one of them?

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Your local community insurance brokers proudly serving our clients in Newquay and Cornwall

Our dedicated insurance experts in Newquay provide commercial insurance and risk management solutions for business in Cornwall of all sizes, incorporating a wide range of insurance products. We can provide guidance for the right kind of cover that suits you, your employees and your business.

We are Edinburgh's leading community insurance broker 

We have invested in a branch footprint across Scotland to reach and service a broad range of clients and deliver the most appropriate insurance solutions aligned specifically to their requirements. We have hand picked the very best people and partners to work with our clients including a local claims team and sector specific traders working in specialisms across a broad spectrum of UK industry.

Insurance brokers providing commercial insurance and risk management advice in Inverness

We provide commercial insurance solutions for SME, Mid Market and Corporate Clients incorporating a wide range of insurance products including Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability, Property, Business Interruption, Professional Indemnity, Cyber Liability, Directors’ & Officers’ Liability and Motor Fleet insurance.

Your local Plymouth insurance broker proudly serving our clients in the community

Located in the heart of Plymouth, our local presence ensures we understand your business and can structure an insurance programme specific to your business needs. Our insurance experts can cater to the needs of all, from individual tradesman and sole traders, right up to multi-site businesses and larger organisations with a national footprint.

Insurance brokers in Redditch, at the heart of the community for over 30 years

Our insurance brokers in Redditch are dedicated to helping our clients with all of their insurance needs, enabling you to understand and control the risks to your business. We take the time to listen and understand all about your business. Working closely with our friendly, highly experienced colleagues you can be confident that we are truly part of your team. As a broker with a global footprint, we provide peace of mind and competitive, tailor made solutions.

Local insurance brokers in Worcester serving our commercial and private clients for over 50 years

At our local office in Worcester, we can provide a variety of commercial insurance solutions for a range of businesses, from individual tradesmen right up to large national and multinational companies. Alongside this, our experienced Private Clients team offer personal insurance and financial wellbeing services for high net worth individuals - providing insurance cover tailored precisely to your needs, alongside assistance with investments, family protection, and providing for retirement.

Insurance brokers providing commercial insurance and risk management advice across the whole of London

We provide commercial insurance solutions for SME, Mid Market and Corporate Clients incorporating a wide range of insurance products including Employers’ Liability, Public Liability, Products Liability, Property, Business Interruption, Professional Indemnity, Cyber Liability, Directors’ & Officers’ Liability and Motor Fleet insurance. Providing a dedicated point of contact, we can provide guidance on insurance portfolios on anything from large multi-national corporations to your local high street hair salon.

Local insurance solutions and advice in Essex that puts you at the centre of everything we do

We provide a bespoke client service to meet your needs. We have access to various specialist markets but provide our tailor made solutions for our local clients in Essex.

Local insurance solutions and advice in Carlisle that puts you at the centre of everything we do

Our clients are like friends or family and we make it our goal to treat and service them as such. This level of care received national recognition in 2016, with the British Insurance Industry Award in 2016 for our work in the wake of the flooding in Cumbria at the end of 2015. These are the standards we set ourselves, we aim to become part of a client’s business, their own in house insurance advisory and assistance team.

Your local insurance broker in Oxford

You can find our Oxford office in Witney where we can provide clients with commercial insurance solutions for different types and sized businesses, from individual tradesmen and SMEs right up to large national and multinational companies. We're also proud to look after client’s personal insurance needs from our Private Clients team. Our insurance solutions typically involve a detailed assessment of property and assets, establishing cover requirements tailored to your precise needs.

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