Commercial Crime Insurance

Why do you need commercial crime insurance?

Commercial crime involves a staff member or third party fraudulently accessing and misappropriating an organisation’s money, securities or property. It can affect any business, regardless of size, industry or location. 

Criminals and fraudsters are becoming more resourceful, using malware, hacking and social engineering to commit these crimes, so even the most vigilant of organisations can fall victim.

Social engineering, particularly mandate fraud, is a common form of commercial crime. Without adequate protection, a business could lose that appropriated money for good.

In addition to the costs incurred from the initial crime – such as lost money and goods – commercial crime can result in unforeseen expenses arising from contractual penalties, investigative costs, reputational damage and so forth.

Risk Management Support

At Marsh Commercial, we also offer risk management advice to help mitigate the day-to-day risks you face in your professions, whilst our dedicated in-house claims team will guide you through the claims process step by step, helping to get the right resolution.

What can commercial crime insurance do for you?

Commercial crime insurance can protect against:

  • Criminal taking by anyone of money, securities or property to the deprivation of the policyholder.
  • Physical destruction or disappearance of money or securities while on your business premises, in employee custody or in transit, if caused by any person’s criminal act.
  • Criminal taking by an employee of money, securities or property to the deprivation of a client.
  • Extortion by detention — surrender of money, securities or other property on the policyholder’s premises where criminals have detained an employee or employee’s relative to force such surrender.