Farm Diversification Insurance

Farm diversification – what's it all about?

Traditional farming methods are sometimes just not enough upon which to make a living, which is why many farming businesses are exploring new ways to generate additional income streams. 

If you're diversifying your businesses by introducing new money-making activities alongside your core farm activities, you're not alone. The total income from diversified farm activities in 2019/20 was £734m. Across all farms, income from diversified enterprises accounted for 28% of total Farm Business Income1

Additional benefits of farm diversification include:
  • maximising your farm's physical resources and characteristics
  • utilising your skills and the skills of your workers
  • creating new industries based on agriculture
  • aiding the domestic economy.


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What our farm diversification insurance team can do for you

You're busy running your business. We appreciate that, so we work with specialist insurers that understand the risks associated with the commercial activities you may run alongside your farming business. We make insurance one less thing for you to worry about. 

We're here to protect your business and minimise disruption – should the unthinkable happen.  

Renewable energy projects

From concept to operation, we're here to help you introduce renewable energy projects like wind, wave, marine, hydro, biomass and solar onto your farm.


Introducing a farm shop, café or tearooms? It's important to understand the specific risks you face and let us help you put the right level of cover in place.

Garden centres and nurseries

Thinking of making your garden centre or nursery commercial? No matter how large or small, we can provide advice when you need it. 

Contracting and haulage

Taking on some contracting work from neighbours? Going out on your own? We're here to make sure you and your business are protected.


Whether you're letting out property, farm buildings, land or industrial units, we'll find the solution for your evolving business.

Leisure and tourism

Ready to open a new B&B, or expand your camping and caravan sites? Get in touch to find out any additional risks you might be exposed to.

Education and corporate entertaining

Leave no stone unturned when inviting schools for farm visits or introducing corporate entertaining such as shooting and fishing. We can help identify the risks and come up with a solution.

Food production

Here to provide advice and cover for your food production ventures from cheese and ice cream to alcoholic drinks and bottles preserves.

Equine livery

When letting out land, stables or offering livery on your farm, we can help you understand the regulatory requirements and ensure your new venture is protected. 


Any small manufacturing businesses, from garden furniture to wrought iron goods, can pose risk that may fall outside of your current cover.