builders public liability insurance

We're here to help with your builders public liability insurance

We know your work can be hazardous, presenting risks to the general public. So, it's essential to have the right builders public liability insurance in place that offers necessary protection against these risks and reassurance for your clients. We can arrange cover that offers peace of mind for you and your business, including:

  • Protection – if you face claims from members of the public who have suffered injury, damage or loss of personal items as a result of your work.
  • Legal defence costs – will be covered should you find yourself defending a claim, along with any compensation costs due.
  • Bespoke cover – whether you're a sole trader or manage a business, our builders public liability insurance is designed around you, so you only pay for the cover you need.
  • Professional advice and support – throughout the life of your policy, we'll be on hand to help you with any queries, problems or issues you may have. We're here to support you should you need to make a claim.
  • Saving you time – leave the hard work to us; we'll search our selection of the UK's leading and specialist insurers to find the provider that suits you best. 

How our team of builders insurance experts can help you

At Marsh Commercial, we have over 28,000 contractors who have chosen us to manage their builder insurance needs. That's almost £130m in gross written premium (GWP); you're in good company. 

Our team of experts have years of experience supporting tradesmen and contractors working in the building industry – we understand the challenges you face.

You wouldn't consider starting a job without the right equipment. Arranging insurance for your business is no different, so it pays to speak to professionals – that's where we can help you. 

What cover can builders insurance include?

We can also arrange the following areas of cover, depending on your business needs:

  • employers liability
  • subcontractor liability
  • contract works
  • plant
  • stored materials
  • tools in transit
  • groundwork risks
  • completed dwellings awaiting sale
  • environmental clean-up
  • vehicles, including directors' cars.

*As with all insurance policies, terms and conditions apply. Contact us for full details.


Tradesman insurance

We know the nature of your work can present many risks to you, your staff or subcontractors and the general public. You need cover that gives adequate protection against these risks and reassurance for your clients.

Plant hirers insurance

We know hiring plant is commonplace for many tradesmen and contractors like you working in the building industry. However, it is not without risks: theft, malicious damage, fire, flood, storms or accidental damage. So you need plant hire insurance cover that gives adequate protection.

Plasterer insurance

Whether you're patching up a few holes in a wall or reconstructing a large proportion of a property, we know your work is varied. It presents different risks to you, your staff or subcontractors, and the general public. So you need plasterers insurance that gives you adequate protection against these risks.

Frequently asked questions

Do builders need public liability insurance?
Accidents happen. Every day, your business is exposed to risks that may cause injury to the public, your customers and anyone visiting your site, as well as property damage. You need to protect yourself against third-party claims arising from these situations. Builders' public liability insurance will cover legal defence costs and compensation costs should you find yourself facing a claim.