Helping your business thrive

We don’t just advise on insurance - we’re here to help you, your business and your community thrive. World-class insight and expertise from key sector specialists, tailored with a personal touch to help you find better ways to manage your risk, protect your people, and support your growth.

With Marsh Commercial you can:

Insure your business
Look after your staff
Understand and manage risks
Plan your finances

Commercial insurance solutions

Insurance is a legal responsibility in some cases, and a serious consideration in others. We will make sure your business is protected in key risk areas. 

Property and assets

Whether you work in a big or small office, or even from home, it is one of your most important assets. So having the right insurance is vital.

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Liabilities and advice

Balancing the books is tricky enough for many businesses, without having to deal with an unplanned claim.  It's important to have the right level of cover.

Transport and logistics

If your vehicles are out of action, you’re not earning. You need to keep your business running regardless of the challenges thrown your way – from a tight deadline to a vehicle off the road.

Cyber and financial crime risk

Cyber crime and hacking is an ever-expanding risk to businesses.

Protecting your key people

Business owners recognise the need for protecting their business assets, but often overlook the potential impact to their business of losing an employee. 

Arranging employee benefits

For a successful employee benefits strategy, you need to deliver the right benefits in a personalised way, that resonates with each individual within your business.

Keep your employees healthy

By investing in your employees, you can mitigate your risks and reduce your costs while helping to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Create a rewards and retention package

Give your employees access to a range of benefits and discounts that support their own physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

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Plan for the future

Providing your employees with financial planning support and the opportunity to plan and prepare gives them confidence in their future.

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Pro-active risk management

We work side-by-side with our clients to understand their needs and individual circumstances so you benefit from our pro-active claims and risk management controls.

Risk management

Being in business is sometimes about taking risks. To be successful you need risk management. Having an understanding of the risks that your business is likely to face is a key step towards success.

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Financial planning for growth

As business decision makers, you will be very conscious of the need to explore ways to grow your profits by increasing sales or reducing costs. As market conditions become tougher for many industries, reducing costs takes on increasing importance.

Commercial Finance

Using your bank to raise commercial finance might seem the obvious route. But how much is ‘obvious’ costing you?

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UK SME Risk Report

Although the form and severity will change, your business will always face risks. To keep your business thriving and not just surviving, visit our risk hub to support your risk management planning.