Winter management tips for blocks of flats

Winter can bring with it some dangerous conditions, such as ice, snow and freezing temperatures. As a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure your buildings and surroundings are safe and free from hazards. It’s worth communicating with your tenants to highlight the risks and ask for their help with the day to day monitoring during cold or snowy weather. Ensure you agree in writing who is responsible for what, to reduce confusion when it comes to disputes over liability claims.

Winter property risks affecting your tenants

Leaves, snow and ice

  • Slips, trips, falls or serious injury from ice/icicles
  • Blocked passageways, cars, car parks, building entrances and exits from excess snow or ice 
  • Damaged gutters from snow or leaves
  • Exterior damage from tree branches 
  • Roof collapsing under the weight of snow 
  • Flooding due to melted snow and ice 

Extreme cold

  • Frozen or burst pipes
  • Temporarily halted water supply
  • Tenant and visitor illnesses due to poor indoor heating system or insulation 
  • Heating system failure or breakdowns

Communal areas

  • Fire hazards from candles or additional lighting
  • Entrance and exit obstruction from winter accessories, such as boots or umbrellas
  • Damaged floors in communal areas from tenants tracking in dirt, snow and salt
  • Wet floors from shoes and boots
  • Excess rubbish due to late or missed collections

Risk management techniques for blocks of flats

As a property manager, liability disputes arising from ill prepared buildings or poor health and safety are a big risk. When cold weather or snow is forecast, using proper risk management techniques can help to avoid issues and potential disputes.

By taking time to assess the risks and preparing your properties for winter, the likelihood of a liability claim can be reduced. Download our 15-point check list to help you manage the winter risks for your block of flats.

Download our winter property checklist


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