Expectations on life expectancy are shifting

Recently, 86 year old Coronation Street star, Bill Roache was reported saying he thinks it’s possible that he will live until 120!

It’s marvellous that someone like Bill feels fit and strong at work and not even considering fulltime retirement. Bill says he does everything in moderation and enjoys life, work and everything else. He explains this is why he believes he can live well beyond the actuarial average life expectancy of 84 for men and 86 for women (at their 65 birthday)1.

If you are happy at work, with life and enjoy everything you do, no doubt you are likely to be less concerned about life’s troubles. Less stress and a calmness to one’s life is bound to have positive effects on a person’s health and state of mind.

As employee benefits advisers, we believe that helping employees reach a state of calmness in their lives will improve their effectiveness in work. Supporting staff through wellness programmes, physically, mentally and financially are key initiatives for employers to deploy to achieve better performance from their staff.

Having a suite of benefits covering their health, work, life and traditional financial benefits is essential in providing employees with the facility to become more engaged with their work and reward. The use of technology can help in demonstrating these benefits in an efficient and personalised way, essential for engagement and recognition. 

Jelf offer advice and services to employers and support to employees in making the most use of the benefits available. If like Bill you feel you can live to 120, then both an employer and an employee will need guidance on how to plan for this extraordinary long career and life.


1. Office for national statistics – life expectancy at 65 England & Wales 2012-2014