Jelf Million Makers Challenge Part 3

The Jelf team have been busy raising money for the challenge both far away and closer to home.

The Templars Way Walk!

They were some persevering pirates with the walk taking place on the worst weekend weather-wise. Amongst the storm were eight pirates completing the treacherous Templars Way Walk.

The walk itself is an 18 mile trek between Dartmoor and Teignmouth, although a detour brought on by the weather meant that the group had an added 2 miles on winding dark roads to reach their finish point. In true spirit, they completed the walk regardless of the wind and rain!

Million Makers on the Templar's Way Walk night

It was certainly worth the journey, and all of the blisters and aches paid off in the end. They absolutely smashed their target of raising £500 towards the Jelf Million Makers team, reaching a grand total of £900!

Overall, there was an amazing effort by all for a great charity, The Prince's Trust.

Million Makers on the Templar's Way Walk mid journey

Getting the word out

To continue spreading the word, the team spent some time in Yate Shopping Centre, local to our head office in Chipping Sodbury. They continued their great work, mustering some support for the wider community that Jelf is very much a part of. Not to mention some great publicity for the great work The Prince's Trust is doing, too.

To add to their time down there, they set up a “guess the name of the teddy” competition, and raised a pretty £37.58. After all…every penny counts for charity.

Million Makers getting the word out

You can donate to the Million Makers team now by visiting their just giving page before 31 December.

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