Software, gaming, web developer insurance

Software developer insurance

Why do you need specialist gaming, web or software developer insurance?

Whether you’re building the next WhatsApp, developing the next Super Mario or tailoring software to a clients’ needs, the day-to-day project management, integration and maintenance of your products and services creates a highly varied and challenging environment. With clients relying on your specialties and expensive contracts on the line, there’s lots at stake should the unexpected strike. 

  • Protection from coding mistakes
    A simple coding error could cause a site to go down for days. The financial and reputational fallout for both you and your client could be irreversible.
  • Covering accidental damage
    The tech you use and work on is not only expensive, but the foundation to your business and services. Accidental damage to equipment e.g. water damage can delay projects and may result in unhappy customers.
  • Stopping cyber criminals
    As a business providing products and services, which inherently create, amplify, and attract cyber risks, you’re a high-risk target for cyber criminals.
  • Take your insurance to the next level
    Without a software, gaming or web developer insurance solution you may have to personally defend any claims made against you.

How our technology insurance team can help

Insurance shouldn’t be painful. After all, it’s there to protect you. That’s why our personable experts will provide advice and support in a simple, solution-focused way that works for you.

No matter how straightforward or complex your risks are, whether you’re looking for a new policy or to amend existing cover, we can help and we’ll take care of you.

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What insurance does a software developer, gaming developer or web developer need?

Not sure what insurance you need? We’ll discuss your requirements before presenting an insurance solution that meets your complexities, but you may wish to consider:

Professional indemnity - covers the legal and compensation costs you may have to pay if a client makes a claim against you.

Public liability – covers you for the cost of a claim arising from a suffered injury or property damage caused by you or your employees.

Employers’ liability (EL) – compulsory by law for most businesses, EL provides cover if a worker suffers an injury or an illness they believe is your fault.

Directors and officers – also known as management liability portfolio insurance (MLP), provides any director, partner or employee acting in a managerial capacity on behalf of the company cover for defence costs incurred during a claim and awards made against you personally.

Cyber liability insurance – protects your business from cyber-criminal activity such as hacking, and the legal and reputational fallout caused from a data breach.

Insurance solutions for people and businesses like you

Operating in a global, borderless and fast-paced industry carries a variety of unique risks. Data breaches, contract disputes, and infringement of intellectual property remain a constant threat. Meanwhile equipment/software failures, funding/acquisition/exit liabilities, and personal claims made against board members are an ever-present concern. This requires the right expertise in navigating such risk exposures and arranging appropriate insurance protection.

At Marsh Commercial, we support various technology companies including; communications and media specialists, data centres and science parks, fintechs, hardware and electronic manufacturers, IT consultants and contractors, life science providers, medical technology designers, software, gaming and app developers, and much more. Working closely with our insurer partners to arrange insurance policies that are truly fit for purpose.