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Property owners insurance

Making a home insurance claim

What to do in the event of a claim

If you need to make a claim our team of experts will be on hand, call us on 0333 006 3676.

Notifying us

If you have an incident involving your property please call us and our claims adviser will take the details required to notify your insurers.

If you need to report a claim to your insurer directly out of hours you can find emergency numbers below.

Top tips

  • Quickly notifying us of an incident will help us to control the costs of your claim
  • Remember to take photographs of any damage as evidence to support your claim

What information will you need?

  • Date the incident happened
  • Address where the incident occurred
  • Details of what has happened
  • Evidence of potential costs and impact on your business
  • Details of any other parties involved
  • Occupancy and use of the property at the time
  • Crime reference and police authority details for any thefts
  • Copy of the tenancy agreement if the building is not owned
  • Copy of any CCTV (if available)
  • VAT status and bank details for reimbursement

Getting you back in operation

We will provide your insurers with the necessary information to log a claim. They will then contact you directly to advise you of the next steps. Insurers may appoint loss adjusters, builders, decorators and surveyors and source replacement items. Once they have assessed the loss, a settlement will be made.

Emergency numbers

  • Aviva - 0800 012 345
  • Aviva Distinct - 0800 051 1750
  • AXA Extra - 0330 024 6842
  • AXA Advanced - 0330 024 6843
  • Covea Home Profile - 0330 024 2255
  • Home & Legacy - 0344 893 8360
  • LV Clear Home - 0800 028 5407
  • LV Clear Home Domestic Emergency - 0800 633 5423
  • RSA - 0330 102 4010
  • Zurich - 0800 923 4200