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Insurance solutions for the transportation sector

With clients relying on your services and your ability to deliver, you need to know that if the unexpected strikes your insurance cover can also deliver. Get an insurance solution for:

Risk management

The right risk management programme and risk culture could help bring some much needed stability, as well as supporting safer and more profitable operations. Explore our fleet risk management solutions and learn more about the importance of a risk management programme with our latest article: keeping the wheels in motion with effective risk management programmes.

Employee health and benefits

Redefine your workplace, reshape retirement and investment outcomes, and unlock real health and wellbeing for your employees with our sister company, Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) in your corner.

By investing in your employees, you can mitigate your risks and reduce your costs while helping to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Learn how MMB can support your business.

Mental health and wellbeing

With the resilience of the UK still being tested, employers need to ensure that employees have access to mental health support to help them to cope with increased isolation. There are plenty of practical ways you can help improve your employees’ mental health by from encouraging healthier habits, such as:

  • talking openly,
  • fitness,
  • eating and drinking better,
  • connecting with others
  • to promoting improved sleep

However, it’s not always clear to employers how to implement a mental health strategy to support employees. Our recent article aims to put yourself in a better position to support your employees. The following resources may also help:


The transport and logistics sector ranks in second place in a list of industries most affected by cyber-crime worldwide.1 Widespread technology adoption means fleet operators are now sharing more data with partners and vendors than ever before. This alone presents an opportunity for cyber criminals, while the sheer number of parties involved in the cargo supply chain provides an even greater opportunity to identify and exploit weak links in cyber security.2

Help reduce your cyber risk exposure with these resources and articles:

1 hornetsecurity.com/data/downloads/reports/document-cybersecurity-special-logistics-en.pdf

2 foodlogistics.com/transportation/article/21126721/trimble-transportation-cybersecurity-best-practices-for-the-connected-world-of-trucking

Those driving in the EU need to keep abreast of potential regulatory changes and ensure they have the correct documentation to do so. If you're driving in driving abroad, what motor insurance cover documentation do you need following Brexit? Find out more.


Hauliers face challenges day in day out when negotiating their way round the UK’s busy and often narrow roads. As a result, accidents happens and claims on insurance policies need to be made. Our recent article explores haulage insurance claims and the common mistakes that could be costing you.

For transport managers dealing with incidents generating injury claims, it’s essential to be aware of recent whiplash reforms, and any operational impact. Here's what you need to know.

Challenging insurance premiums

In an industry where cost containment is crucial, find out why you may be finding it difficult to secure competitive premiums to keep your vehicles and cargo protected with our articles:

Supply chain

Inbound logistics, warehouse management, distribution, planning and control, and reverse logistics; these are all links in the haulage and logistics supply chain, which each carry their own level of risk. Are you aware of your exposures? Learn more with our article on haulage and logistics supply chain risks.


Turning people risk into a business opportunity

Discover the key people risks facing UK businesses and why HR and risk teams must collaborate to address these.

People risk is a growing concern for UK organisations as issues including health and safety, DEI, responsibility and cybersecurity move up the boardroom agenda. Two new studies by our colleagues in Mercer Marsh Benefits clearly demonstrate the importance of tackling people-related risks and why HR and risk managers must work more closely together when approaching these threats. They also uncover a disconnect between a board’s appetite for tackling key issues and the implementation at a manager or employee level.

Download the report to explore:

  • The key business challenges shaping the Board agenda and HR focus in 2021, showing why the need to focus on people risk is urgent.
  • The top 10 people risks facing organisations today and how these differ between UK and global organisations and between HR and risk teams.
  • The blind spots showing a mismatch between critical risks and the efforts being made to address these.
  • The key barriers to managing people-related risks.

Download the report or view the infographic

The Roots of Leadership podcast

International Women's Day 2021

The manufacturing and engineering sector is one that must constantly remain on the pulse of societal needs, meeting each new challenge with market leading innovation and product development. But how do the leaders in their fields reach their goals, what are their drivers, and what has stood in their way in order to obtain it?

Jenny Manning, Aerospace Engineering Manager, BAE Systems. And Ruth Amos, entrepreneur and inventor of the StairSteady. Discussed all in our webinar View recording.



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Transport & Logistics sector events

Overcoming supply chain challenges in Manufacturing.

In the wake of COVID and Brexit, not to mention supplier consolidation, the recent Suez canal fiasco, and many other factors, manufacturers are dealing with a growing number of obstacles in keeping business running smoothly. Benefit from our panel of speakers’ insights including Filtermist, Fortec, and Marsh.

Staying future fit in uncertain times - free eBook

As transport and logistics firms navigate the post COVID-19 road to recovery, preserving margins, controlling risk and cutting costs will help fuel a more resilient future. Our eBook navigates today’s evolving risk landscape and provides providing practical support on how you can get fit for the long haul.

Managing risk in the tyre industry

From a diminishing insurance market, to fire and staff safety and wellbeing, the UK’s tyre industry is under constant and increasing pressure. Our motor trade insurance experts take a pragmatic look at the issues at play in the tyre industry. They explore how business owners and managers can identify and reduce the risks to their businesses and their staff.

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