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  • Solar panel or wind farms
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Hydro or marine energy

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Renewable energy insurance solutions
Manage your project risks

From concept to operation, your renewable energy project is at risk, which could be caused by a lack of adherence to contractual requirements, risk management and supply chain issues. We can provide full contract insurance advice, construction and operational insurance programmes to protect your investment.

Find out what renewable energy insurance could help you manage your risks.

Employee health and benefits

Redefine your workplace, reshape retirement and investment outcomes, and unlock real health and wellbeing for your employees with our sister company, Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) in your corner.

By investing in your employees, you can mitigate your risks and reduce your costs while helping to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. Learn how MMB can support your renewable energy business.

Mental health and wellbeing

Work-related stress and mental health are increasingly high on employers’ agendas. Although it’s not always clear to employers how to implement a strategy to support wellbeing, the below resources may provide a helpful starting point.

Working with our colleagues in Marsh, we are also able to offer a variety of mental health and wellbeing solutions for your business. Download the value proposition to learn more.

Disaster recovery and continuity planning

If there’s a breakdown, damage, disaster or security breach, your plant may be out of service for some time – typically 12 months after a major incident, and potentially longer to get back to similar productivity levels before the event.

Depending on the nature of the incident, you may need to involve the Health and Safety Executive or Environment Agency, which could extend the interruption further. During this time your costs may increase if you have to find a way around the problem and buy alternative materials or back-up equipment. Find out more about how you can manage your risks and recover from a disaster:

Disengaged employees

Recruitment remains a serious issue for the energy sector. It is now more important than ever for renewable energy projects to revisit their recruitment strategy and elevate their efforts to recruit the best talent. Use our calculator to see the cost of disengaged employees, loss of productivity and finding your next new recruit.



The EU’s Environmental Liability Directive in 2007 and the UK’s Environmental Damage Regulations in 2015, both brought tougher environmental liability sanctions. So while your renewable energy operations may not have changed, your potential environmental liabilities may have increased.

We answer the key questions about environmental directives and environmental impairment liability insurance.

Our colleagues in Marsh help demystify the subjects of climate change, sustainability, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and the Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).
View the webinar.

Fire risks

The risk of fires is a key insurance issue for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). This has been brought to attention by news stories such as the blaze at Victoria’s “big battery” project which burned for more than three days.1

Find out what BESS owners, Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) contractors and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) providers can do to mitigate these risks as part of an energy storage insurance programme.

1 The Guardian ‘Tesla big battery fire in Victoria burns into day three’, Aug 2021

The Roots of Leadership podcast

The Roots of Leadership, provides a unique platform for listeners to learn from leaders, innovators and motivators. Created and hosted by our former CEO Anthony C. Gruppo, the podcast aims to help others weld their passion to their potential, to increase their performance. Guests include:

Touker Suleyman - fashion retail entrepreneur, investor, business owner and of course one of the highly respected moguls on hit television programme, ‘Dragons’ Den’.

Jamie Peacock MBE - former Rugby League player, motivational speaker and mentor.
And many more inspirational leaders.

Listen to the podcast.

Moving your business towards net-zero

Business leaders roundtable
Our industry experts look at the key considerations to move your business towards net-zero, the potential threats and why collaboration is key to success.

The road to net-zero: how SMEs can make the difference

Free guide
Our guide will help you on your journey to creating breakthroughs for a net-zero future. It establishes the facts, key milestones, why it matters and the all-important steps you can or must take to limit carbon dioxide emissions.

The ESG Risk Rating

Complimentary self-assessment
The ESG Risk Rating, developed by our colleagues in Marsh, is a complimentary self-assessment that enables you to measure your businesses' environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, improve your ESG risks, and gain access to risk and insurance benefits.

Bioenergy for the Future

World Bioenergy Association, in partnership with ITN Productions, has produced a news-style programme looking at the important work taking place in the bioenergy sector, featuring our own experts.

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We understand the risks your renewable energy project can face and help make it easy for you to understand and mitigate. Get the right expertise when you need it most.

Protecting your renewable energy investments

The UK’s renewable energy sector faces uncertainty and changes. From targeted net-zero emissions by 2050, to concerns around new technologies. Our renewable energy eBook explores how key organisations are working together to help the industry grow by ensuring long-term insurance protection.

Manage your anaerobic digestion plant risks

It’s vital that the anaerobic digestion sector understands and mitigate risks, even if your plant has been running for some time. Our whitepaper explores the top 10 risks to consider when setting up and running your anaerobic digestion plan

Calculate the cost of disengaged employees

Recruitment remains a serious issue for the renewable energy sector. It is now more important than ever for renewable energy projects to revisit their recruitment strategy and elevate their efforts to recruit the best talent. Use our calculator to see the cost of disengaged employees, loss of productivity and finding your next new recruit.

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