An enhanced credit insurance proposition for small to medium-size enterprises 

The CoverCredit solution has been designed to protect small to medium size businesses with insurable sales up to 10 million against non-payment of trade debt. It can cover business dealing on credit terms, whether you are supplying goods, providing services or operating in a contacting environment.

What are the benefits of credit insurance?

Businesses can also utilise CoverCredit's business intelligence and insurance protection, giving you confidence to expand your sales to new and existing customers and marketing. It can also enable you to sell on open account terms, which can be a competitive advantage when exporting to overseas markets.

  • It provides a safety net to trade with existing and new customers/ markets
  • Risk is transferred to your insurer
  • You get peace of mind when trading on credit terms
  • There is all-inclusive debt collection support. This ensures that debts are paid, without causing you substantial time and effort
  • You may be able to access improved working capital finance using the security of the policy

CoverCredit features and advantages:

- Fixed annual premium - with flexible payment of premium (monthly or quarterly installments)

- Premium inclusive of credit intelligence fees

- Inclusive collections and legal services, with no additional charges

- Reduced claims administration and waiting times

- Political risk cover included on all export markets

- An extensive list of export markets included as standard

- 30 days contractual grace/ notice period on credit limit reductions and cancellations as standard

- Three months binding orders cover as standard

- Various endorsements can be added as required

CoverCredit insurance

CoverCredit is an enhanced credit insurance proposition that enables businesses to access insurance cover and credit management processes across their customer book at a competitive premium. You can get a quote online in a just a few minutes!
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