Technology Insurance for Tech services and solutions

Why do you need specialist technology insurance? 

The nature and scale of digital transformation in the UK is constantly evolving. Technology companies, being the drivers behind such changes, face unique risks in a fast-paced sector. This requires unique insight in navigating such risk exposures and arranging appropriate insurance protection.

  • Technology sector risks
    Risks include claims for breach of contract, delay, mistakes, infringement of intellectual property, cyber and privacy risks and business interruption. We understand the technology sector and the need for your insurance requirements to mitigate risk and evolve with you.
  • Specific technology insurance
    We have access to specialist technology insurance providers with a deep understanding of sector exposures. We know how to enhance insurance products and how to arrange cover, so that you can focus on growing your business. 
  • Navigating your needs
    The economy, industry and your operating environment are in an ever-fluctuating state. When something changes, you can rest easy knowing your broker is on the case.

How our technology insurance team can help

Our dedicated team of technology insurance specialists can arrange the right level of cover to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a new policy or to amend existing cover, we can help.

Join a family of Marsh Commercial technology clients

We work with over 2,500+ technology clients across the UK. Protecting start-ups through to market leaders. Be part of our family of technology insurance clients including:

  • Application service providers
  • Computer consultants and programmers
  • Database administrators and system designers
  • Hardware installation experts
  • Integration and online security specialists
  • IT consultants and project managers
  • Software and website developers

IT consultant & contractor insurance

Whether you’re a consultant or contractor we can help you define your risk profile and get the right IT Insurance.

Software, gaming & web developer insurance

Protect against coding errors, accidental damage, cyber-crime and other risks with the right developer insurance.

Fintech insurance

Specialist Fintech Insurance to protect your business against professional negligence, cyber-crime, regulation and compliance.

Technology firms, combat your specialist activity risks

Protect your intellectual property, help secure funding, keep your data safe and thwart cyber-criminal activity. Visit our technology hub for the latest tools, templates and guides to help you address your biggest risks and protect your business from the unexpected.

Medtech insurance

Specialist med-tech insurance to protect your business against medical malpractice, intellectual property infringement and cyber crime.

Hardware and electronics insurance

No matter where your business operates in the supply chain, from hardware manufacturers to suppliers, to installers, it is important that you have the right insurance in place to protect you if something goes wrong.

Specialist cyber insurance 

Working in the technology industry means your business is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. We can provide comprehensive cyber insurance that includes cover for your liabilities, costs and mitigating damage.

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