We're here to help with your risk management

No business is short on challenges and risks. Some may devastate your business, while others can cause damage that's costly and time-consuming to fix. Understanding these risks and being able to manage them is the key to protecting your business.

We'll support you by offering:

  • Specialist advice
    Because we take time to understand your business and the unique risks it faces, the risk management advice and support we provide is tailored to your needs.
  • A personal approach
    Your designated risk management consultant will help you manage your health and safety or employment law risks. We're here when you need us.
  • Support to improve your business efficiency
    We'll help you drive down your business costs, improve efficiency and take a proactive and commercial approach to business risk management.

How our risk management consulting services team can help

Our specialist risk management team will give you expert advice – regardless of which sector your business operates in. We'll work with you to understand health and safety or employment law matters that impact your business so you'll be prepared for the challenges you face.

Health and safety

You're busy running your business; we understand it's challenging to find time to investigate the risks your business faces. Our risk management partners are on hand to make sure you get ahead of the game – before a serious incident occurs.

Employment law

Your employees are critical to the success of your organisation. It makes sense to protect them, and there's plenty of regulation to ensure everyone is treated well at work. However, employment law is often complex and regularly updated. Keeping on top of these changes can feel like a never-ending task. That's where our expert partners come in. We're here to help.

Business continuity planning

Even with stringent planning and risk assessments in place, unforeseen events still occur. That's why it's essential to have a business continuity plan – just in case. We'll help you proactively reduce the impact of disruption following an incident so you'll be back to business as usual as quickly as possible.

Claims defensibility

Dealing with a claim can be stressful, particularly when liability is disputed or when your insurers face excessive payments because claims have been inflated. If someone makes a claim against your business, you can relax, knowing we're here for you fighting your corner.

Fleet risk management

Effective fleet risk management can help you to reduce the frequency of accidents and the associated claims. It can also reduce your premiums.

Every business is different. A haulier is going to operate differently to a van hire company. Design your own risk programme that minimises your fleet risks.