Why you need a specialist retail insurance broker

The retail world is exciting and fast paced. As your business grows, and the sector evolves, new risks need to be considered. We help you identify these risks and mitigate against them with effective retail insurance and risk management advice.

  • Injury to customers 
    Most injuries to customers are caused by slips and trips in store. This is most prevalent where spillages are likely.1
  • Sales and supply chain interruption
    Interruption at your own, or at a supplier’s premises, may impact your business and your reputation.
  • Online retailer insurance    
    Trading online introduces new risks, including loss of data, and threats from hackers. You may need Cyber Insurance for extra cover.

How our retail insurance brokers can help you

Our focus is on helping you to keep your business running. We work with you to design a full range of retail insurance solutions, protecting you against the risks you face.

Clark Thomson

We joined forces with Clark Thomson in 2018 and became both Scotland and the UK’s leading community broker and client advisory business. Working together we will continue our journey to build and shape an exceptional business for our colleagues, clients and communities.

Shop insurance

We arrange insurance and risk management solutions for some of the biggest names in UK retailing, including supermarkets, high street shops, hardware chains, shopping centres, petrol stations, and well known franchises.

Online retailers

Online traders face a unique set risks including loss of customer data, compromised IT systems, and the threat of hackers. Cyber Liability Insurance can provide protection for a number of those risks and provides support to ease the effects of an incident.

Public Liability Insurance

If a serious accident occurs in-store, or because of faulty products, an investigation by health and safety authorities could arise. Public Liability and Product Liability Insurance provide protection for claims brought against you by affected parties.

Employers' Liability Insurance

Employers' Liability Insurance is a legal requirement that provides cover for accident or illness for employees whilst at work. Good health and safety management will help to lower the frequency and impact of such claims and help to retain your workforce. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If your business relies on vehicles for delivering goods, you're going to want to keep them on the road. Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides protection for vehicles, and can include goods in transit to cover damaged or lost stock.

Employee Benefits

We can help you to deliver a wellness strategy for your business that finds the right balance of employee benefits to maximise the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of your employees.