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Umbrella clients looks online for specialist insurance

Umbrella choice

Umbrella choice - insurance for umbrella companies

Umbrella choice is an insurance solution specifically designed for umbrella companies and companies offering accountancy and payroll services.

Umbrella choice also provides insurance for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), single person limited companies and other self-employed contractors.

When it comes to what umbrella choice can cover, we take a broad and flexible approach so even if your company works in high-risk areas, it’s worth finding out how we can help you.

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General features of our insurance for umbrella companies include:

  • flexibility for Personal Service Companies (PSC’s), CIS workers and other sole traders
  • world-wide claims cover (USA/Canada is available on request)
  • no need to submit non-standard contracts
  • no contractual liability exclusion on public liability (PL)
  • cyber and data cover*
  • business HR automatically included
  • directors and officers liability up to £100,000*
  • criminal prosecution defence costs cover concerning prosecution under health and safety legislation and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
  • interest-free instalments
  • drivers negligence insurance available
  • medical malpractice available up to £100,000
  • cover for the dishonest acts of contractors.

 *Included as standard when you buy either public liability or professional indemnity cover, providing the insurer’s criteria have been met.