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Recruiters choice

Recruiters choice

We are pleased to present recruiters choice, a recruitment sector specific insurance product made to ensure your recruitment agency is covered for today’s evolving risks. It offers recruiters wide ranging cover and protection, which encompasses comprehensive liability and indemnity cover with some handy additional extensions.

We understand what matters most to you is keeping your business running, and your employees and clients happy, so we’ve done our research to provide you with cover options that do just that. By providing you with access to this depth and quality of cover, we can accommodate most high-risk areas for recruitment agencies.

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Get covered in minutes with our quote and buy specifically designed for businesses with a turnover of less than £5 million. Have a larger turnover or just prefer a chat? Don’t worry we’re only a phone call away.

Recruiters Choice offers a range of covers, including:

  • Cyber and data cover for business interruption relating to data recovery costs, cyber extortion, privacy protection and media liability up to £250,000. This is included as standard.*
  • Directors and officers liability and corporate legal liability. Cover for up to £100,000.**
  • Contractual vicarious liability cover not only for your employees but also contractors supplied by you.
  • Safeguarding cover up to £1,000,000 for claims arising from allegations that workers you have supplied have committed acts of physical, sexual or mental abuse. 
  • No contractual liability exclusion.
  • Crisis containment PR costs covered, should you need to manage adverse publicity.
  • High hazard cover for activities including oil and gas, offshore, safety critical rail work and nuclear. 
  • All types of worker - your business will be covered for temporary workers; PAYE, zero hours, self-employed.
  • Driver’s negligence including cover for young and inexperienced drivers over 18.
  • Medical malpractice liability cover for claims relating to medical or veterinary treatment, diagnosis or prescription by workers supplied by you.

Additional features you can benefit from include:

  • Premium discounts available for members of select trade federations.
  • Professional indemnity limits of up to £10 million.
  • Option to spread the cost of your premiums – interest-free.
  • Access to both an online HR system and an online risk management platform containing a library of IOSH approved eLearning courses and document templates including health and safety policies, risk assessments and guidance documents, free of charge.
  • 10% no claims renewal rebate on your previous year’s premium.***

Significant exclusions and conditions

  • insurers will not pay a claim unless premium payments are up to date as per agreement
  • cover is excluded for fraud, and deliberate, reckless or dishonest acts
  • claims may be refused if the policyholder has failed to make a fair representation of their risk.

 As with all insurances, terms and conditions apply.
* Subject to purchase of public liability or professional indemnity, insurers acceptance criteria, and for companies whose turnover does not exceed £25million.
** Subject to purchase of public liability or professional indemnity, and insurers acceptance criteria.
*** subject to your premium being a minimum of £5,000 + Insurance Premium Tax.