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From education to engineering and hospitality to health, we know that specialist recruitment agencies face unique challenges. You're working hard to find the right people, so let us take care of your recruitment consultant insurance. You can trust us to get the job done, whichever sectors you're servicing.

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    We can provide advice and find the right package that suits your insurance needs – because we take the time to understand your business.
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    As well as being the REC's exclusive insurance broker partner, we're proud to be associated with many well-recognised industry bodies, including APSCO and TEAM. You're in good hands with us.
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    We're servicing thousands of recruiters in a variety of sectors throughout the UK. Regardless of your recruitment agency's size, you can be confident in our commitment to giving you the best possible advice, service, and support.

How our recruitment agency insurance team can help

We don't just sell insurance. We understand the challenges that you face as a specialist recruitment agency. We find ways to manage your risks and arrange cover to protect your business – making sure your recruitment agency insurance is one less thing for you to worry about.

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We're the REC's exclusive insurance broker. Find out more about the unique benefits we offer to REC members.

Industry insights for the recruiter

With IR35 and the impact of Covid-19, the UK recruitment industry is facing some tough challenges. This guide explores the issues, offering advice and insight to help your recruitment agency prosper through these difficult times.

Recruiters choice: you said - we listened

We're here to help you, which is why we've worked with a leading insurer, to develop Recruiters Choice.

"This policy offers a broad range of cover, tailor-made for the sector. It gives recruitment agencies the confidence that they are getting an insurance solution that works for them." Peter Stoll, Director, Marsh Commercial

Freelancers choice

We know your clients are increasingly insisting their contractors arrange suitable insurance cover. In partnership with a leading insurer, we offer a recruitment insurance package developed exclusively for freelance contractors working through recruitment companies. Freelancers Choice is ideal for a wide range of manual occupations.

Umbrella scheme

Designed for umbrella companies and companies offering accountancy and payroll services, Umbrella Choice also provides insurance for CIS, single person limited companies and other self-employed contractors.

Trade credit insurance

Non-payment can be a significant risk for any business trading on open credit terms. Trade credit insurance helps mitigate this risk. It can cover any business dealing on credit terms, whether supplying goods, providing services or operating in a contracting environment. 

Frequently asked questions

If I only supply single-person limited company contractors or umbrella workers who have their own insurance, why do I need to get cover? 

As your company name is on the contract with the hirer, the hirer will likely pursue you in the first instance when there is a negligent act, error or omission by the contractor you supplied that costs the hirer money. Furthermore, can you be certain that the contractor has bought adequate insurance cover for themselves? For instance, have they

  • paid their premium?
  • renewed their policy?
  • got an adequate indemnity limit on their policy?
  • where required, extended their cover for off-shore work, rail or drivers’ negligence?
  • not cancelled their policy after commencement of the assignment?
What is a vicarious liability policy extension, and do I need it?
It is the extension of your policy to cover the actions of the worker you supply, as if the temporary worker was your employee. Usually the demand for this is created by the hirer’s non-standard terms and conditions. So, it is important to check with your broker that there is no contract liability exclusion, as without removing the exclusion it would rule out the extension of cover.
Will my standard Insurance policy cover me for data breaches under GDPR?
Most likely the answer is no. You would usually require a separate, dedicated cyber liability policy for this. It would provide more relevant cover, and could also provide cover for other cyber risks including cyber extortion, cyber business interruption , and social engineering risks (fraudulent impersonation).
If my client is insisting I provide cover for sub-contractors, or that they carry their own insurances, what can I do?
Firstly check the contractor has their own policy, that it is fit for purpose and that they maintain it for the duration of the contract. Secondly, ask for a copy of their schedule of insurance, and ensure it is renewed if it expires during the contract.
Will my policy cover the high hazard activities of my temporary workers, such as offshore liability, rail safety critical, nuclear, aviation and petrochemical work?
Some policies specifically exclude these types of risks, so you need to ask insurers to extend the cover, which will usually be an additional cost.
When do I need to buy Drivers' Negligence Insurance?
Usually when Class I HGV drivers are supplied and the hirer requests you to have the cover. However, it does not cover road risks required by law. These are still the responsibility of the legal owner or registered keeper of the vehicle under their normal motor cover Drivers’ Negligence Insurance cover is limited to a specific amount eg. £10,000 per claim, or subject to a limit of £50,000 in the year. The cover could be affected by the age, experience, or convictions of the driver, so it is vital such details are investigated before the driver is supplied. Remember it is not essential to cover every driver on your books, only those supplied on contracts requiring Drivers’ Negligence cover.
Can I buy Drivers' Negligence Insurance as a standalone policy?
It can’t usually be purchased as a stand-alone cover. It is usually available as an extension to a Public Liability insurance policy.
Does my insurance policy cover international placements for Employer's Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity? 
Employer’s liability usually provides cover for UK nationals, applicable under UK law. For non-UK nationals, they can be covered under the policy dependent on their duration of stay in the UK. UK nationals working overseas are covered by their UK policy.