Real Estate Insurance

Why do you need a specialist real estate insurance broker?

We understand that with the increased activity in the market, the real estate industry is facing ongoing challenges arising from continuing economic uncertainty and changing regulation.

Such a broad industry, encompassing such a wide spectrum of interests, inevitably faces all manner of risks in the conduct of their day to day activities.

To ensure that the tailored real estate insurance solutions we deliver are backed up by exemplary levels of service, we have established a centre of excellence for real estate practice in our London office. The team offer both strategic advice and broking services to our clients.

How our real estate insurance team can help

Our highly experienced real estate insurance team consists of over thirty individuals with extensive market experience. In recognition of our clients’ different needs we have resourced and structured our team accordingly to optimise performance and quality of service. So irrespective of size, all of our clients receive a first class service.

Property development

 Our risk management advice and insurance solutions for property development and construction projects. If you are planning a new build or other significant construction project, we would normally recommend what we would describe as an owner controlled contractors all risks programme.

Commercial managing agents

We take the time to get to know you and your business to create the right solution for your clients. Our services have been specially designed to reassure you that your client’s assets are protected against losses.