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Rail insurance

Why do you need specific rail insurance cover?

We recognise that rail companies face a number of sizeable risks in their day-to-day operations. In response we can provide insurance solutions for all types of rail organisations, including; passenger service and freight operators, rolling stock leasing companies, locomotive owners, heritage railways, storage facilities, maintenance and engineering companies, rolling stock and product manufacturers and professional service companies.

  • Bespoke solutions
    By creating rail specific solutions built to your exact needs, we can help protect your rail assets, revenue, legal liabilities and your reputation. We will help to identify potential exposures that could leave your business vulnerable or that could fail to meet contractual or regulatory requirements.
  • Highly specialised insurance
    Our rail insurance specialists have extensive market knowledge, which means you can rely on our insight, advice and support. Reassuringly, one of our rail insurer partners look after three of the top five railway companies in the world.
  • Rail claims support
    When it comes to claims - don’t worry, we have first-hand experience of resolving complex rail claims arising from incidents such as; fires, collisions, breakdowns, derailments, lost revenue, cancellation, and passenger, employee and volunteer injury. So we are here for you when you need it most.

How we can help

At Marsh Commercial, we don’t just sell insurance. We find better ways to manage your unique risks, protect your assets and people, and free up capital to support your growth. While part of a world-leading insurance group, we’re proud to be a UK community broker with a local branch network the length of the country. Combining the power of Marsh with the passion of our people; world-class expertise with a personal touch, all on your doorstep.

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Key features

  • Protecting rail vehicles - all risks for owned and hired-in rail vehicles anywhere in the UK extending to breakdown, re-railing and recovery and explosion and collapse
  • Protecting assets and infrastructure – machinery, tools, stock and buildings
  • Protecting revenue - loss of revenue following an insured event, such as a fire, theft or breakdown
  • Protecting liabilities - employers liability, third party liability to £155m, professional indemnity, management liability, cyber liability
  • Protection for schedule 8 performance regime penalty costs – should your rolling stock, where we arrange damage and breakdown cover, suffer an insured incident which causes a delay to other parties on the mainline, we can arrange cover for your financial penalty up to the incident cap under the performance regime.

What we do

We arrange insurance cover for the entire spectrum of rail organisations including:

  • Innovative and Office of Rail and Road (ORR) compliant third party liability insurance for the UK’s best known mainline train and freight operating companies.
  • Damage and breakdown insurance for the majority of mainline steam locomotives.
  • Property and liability insurance for fleet maintenance, engineering and storage companies.
  • Professional indemnity insurance for rail technology companies.
  • Insurance for rolling stock product design and manufacture companies.
  • Public liability insurance for rail industry events.
  • Tour operators liability for rail tour organisers.
  • Train and freight operating companies.

We are also proud to insure a number of the UK’s best known train operators, including the operation of excursion passenger trains, commuter services and freight.

Rail insurance, railway insurance, rolling stock insurance

Rolling Stock Insurance

If you provide safe and reliable rolling stock for short-term operations or long term hire, we can offer our expertise in insuring companies like yours that own, maintain and overhaul all types of rolling stock and associated equipment.

Rail insurance, railway insurance, heritage railway insurance

Mainline and heritage locomotives

Dedicated to preserving and operating historic steam and diesel locomotives on the mainline and heritage railways of Great Britain? Let us help to arrange the appropriate damage, breakdown, revenue protection and liability insurance. It might be comforting to know that we arrange insurance for the majority of mainline registered locomotives.

Rail insurance, rail maintenance

Maintenance Facilities

For any modern or heritage rolling stock engineering and restoration company such as boiler and mechanical specialists, we’re here to help protect you. Whether that’s for train servicing and routine fleet maintenance, or the heaviest of vehicle component and re-engineering projects for passenger, freight and infrastructure fleet owners, you can count on us.

rail insurance, railway insurance

Storage facilities

Whether you have kilometres of sidings, warehousing with large capacity for storage of third party rolling stock, wheel-sets, bogies, furnishings, body shells or general components, we won’t let you down. Reassuringly, we already have experience looking after the insurance needs of the UK’s largest and most extensive storage facilities.

Rail insurance, railway insurance

Rail product design and manufacture

Busy creating innovative and leading designs and developing through to manufacture? Or perhaps providing service and infield product support, or building on established product lines and creating new products for today’s marketplace? Then we’ve got you covered.

Rail insurance, railway insurance, heritage railway insurance

Heritage Railways

For those dedicated to preserving Britain’s heritage and recreating the golden age of steam for thousands of passengers every year, let us protect you and your business. Whether that’s heritage traction and rolling stock, infrastructure, revenue, volunteers and passengers we can help ensure you have the right cover in place should an accident occur.

Rail insurance, railway insurance, freight train insurance, train insurance

Rail infrastructure

If you carry out building, civil engineering and utility services on Network Rail’s infrastructure, then we can provide significant experience and advice in arranging insurance for companies like yours.

Frequently asked questions

Our local haulage specialists have years of experience in the industry. From ex-HGV drivers to transport business owners, we know what the best level of cover is for you. Hauliers usually only hear from their insurers once a year. Depending on your needs we can be there for you up to eight times a year for claims and underwriting reviews, helping save you money and run better as a business. Download our credentials brochure to learn more. Employers' liability insurance is mandatory in UK, this is something we can provide to keep all your insurance under one group policy. We can also provide risk management consulting and training to drive costs down, helping you provide your employees with the best benefits so they stay with you longer. Haulage insurance, also known as truck insurance or fleet insurance, is a policy created for your business when using trucks and HGVs. The level of cover depends on how many vehicles you have and their sizes. We can provide cover for vehicles up to 44T as standard, but we are also able to offer specialist cover for larger vehicles. Yes we can. Please get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs and we'd be happy to help. Light goods vehicles are a type of commercial vehicle that have a weight limit of no more than 3.5 tonnes. What we include is completely up to you. We work on getting you the best cover with our insurance partners while we can also provide risk management advice to help reduce claims, and ultimately drive costs down.