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public liability insurance

Public liability insurance 

Why do you need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance provides protection against your legal liability to third parties, following injury or property damage caused in the course of your business. Cover extends to both defence costs and awards.

  • Protect your business
    If you are found liable for injury or damage, the damages awarded could cause severe financial hardship. 
  • Protect yourself
    For example, imagine you drop a cup of coffee during a client meeting, injuring them or damaging their property. Public liability insurance offers valuable protection.
  • Excess costs
    Whether you feel you are at fault or not, defending against a claim can still be expensive. Public liability insurance can help to cover the costs. 

How our liability insurance experts can help

Whether arranged as part of a commercial combined insurance solution or placed in isolation, we have experience in arranging this cover for companies across most industries and of different sizes.

We can advise you on the level of cover you may need within the appropriate insurance package for you.

Public liability insurance, products liability insurance

Products Liability Insurance

Products liability covers you in the event that someone is harmed, or property is damaged due to products that are sold or supplied by you. Inefficacy insurance can also be included within this to provide cover for any loss or damage to property caused by a product not working the way it should.

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