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Real estate insurance

Why do you need a specialist real estate insurance broker?

Today's real estate landscape is highly complex. Real estate owners, operators, managers, and developers worldwide face numerous challenges and changing risks arising from continuing economic uncertainty and changing regulation.

Rising construction costs and land prices continue to alter the landscape. While property losses from fires, natural hazards, or terrorism – plus data breaches and cyber-attacks – can impact and damage market share, revenue, brand equity, and shareholder value.

Such a broad industry, encompassing such a wide spectrum of interests, inevitably faces all manner of risks in the conduct of their day-to-day activities. Those operating in real estate therefore may benefit from a specialist real estate insurance broker with a dedicated team that can offer both strategic advice and tailored broking services.

We can support you with: 

  • property portfolio risk solutions
  • commercial and residential projects
  • specialist areas of risk such as Rights to Light and Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) insurance clauses
  • asset finance
  • risk management support.

How our real estate insurance team can help you and your project

Move forward with confidence and benefit from exemplary levels of service, with our highly experienced real estate insurance team in your corner. 

As part of a world-leading insurance group, Marsh McLennan, we’re big enough to keep you safe. Yet as a proud UK community broker we are small enough to care. 

    We can help you save costs and access broader coverage terms and conditions, which together can help yield a competitive advantage.

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    Property developer insurance

    Whether you're a first time property developer refurbishing a single house or an experienced developer building a multi-property site, we can help you get the best protection for projects.

    Commercial Construction Insurance UK

    Construction project insurance

    Risk is ever present in the construction sector, creating uncertainties that can increase costs and hinder a project’s delivery. Specialist construction project insurance can help reduce uncertainty and promote increased reward.

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    Managing agents insurance

    Each commercial managing agent has their own unique needs and requirements depending on their individual portfolio. Get reassurance that your client’s assets are protected against losses.