Commercial landlord insurance

Commercial landlord insurance - why do you need it?

Commercial property insurance is vital for protecting your investment, and your income, against expected issues and incidents. It can:

  • Cover the cost of repair or reinstatement and lost rental income
    Helping you recover from a serious incident such as a fire or flood.
  • Protect you from being held liable for injuries sustained in your property
    Defending you and your reputation.
  • Shield you against damage caused by tenants, vandalism, and criminal damage
    Keeping you financially secure.

Have peace of mind that should things go wrong, you’re protected.

Property portfolio insurance for commercial landlords

Rent out a single retail unit, or a portfolio of office premises? We can help you find the commercial property insurance solution you need.

We’ll help you work out what cover you need, gathering no-obligation quotes, and – once you have chosen a suitable policy ‒ getting everything set up quickly and easily.

Standard covers

The right commercial landlord insurance cover at the right price.

  • Buildings insurance
  • Fixed glass
  • Loss of rent
  • Property owners liability.
We may also be able to provide cover for extensive periods of time where your property may be unoccupied or for short term lets.

Optional covers

  • Employers liability
  • Legal expenses
  • Subsidence
  • Terrorism
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss recovery insurance.

Residential landlord insurance

Whether you let out a single buy-to-let property or have a large portfolio, we can help you find insurance to protect you and your assets, to help keep the rent flowing.

Airbnb insurance

If you are opening up your home to Airbnb guests, you’ll want to insure it against the unexpected. Protect you as a host, and your property offered for short-term let via Airbnb.

Blocks of flats insurance

If you're responsible for managing purpose built or converted blocks of flats, you need insurance that gives you comprehensive cover. Feel confident that we’ve got you covered. If you're responsible for managing purpose built or converted blocks of flats, you need insurance that gives you comprehensive cover. Feel confident that we’ve got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need commercial landlord insurance?
Landlord insurance can protect you and your properties if something goes wrong. It can help you recover from incidents like fires or floods, protect loss of rent whilst repairs are going on or if your property is vacant, and it can help defend your reputation if you’re held liable for injury or illness affecting your tenants. It can also cover costs if your property is damaged accidentally or maliciously. If you don’t have landlord insurance, you will likely have to pay for all of these costs yourself.
What does commercial landlord insurance cover?
Landlord insurance can protect you if your property is affected by a serious incident, like a fire or flood. It can also cover contents or provide protection if you are held liable for injuries sustained in your property, and defend you financially against damage caused by tenants, vandalism or crime. It can also provide extra cover for furnishings, extended vacancy or even short-term lets.
How much is commercial landlord insurance? 
The level of landlord insurance you need will depend on whether you have commercial or residential properties, how many properties you manage, and what covers you require. We have a range of products available, so whether you want additional extras to insure your furnishings, cover for extensive unoccupied periods or even short term lets, we can find suitable landlord insurance cover for you.
What insurance do commercial landlords need?
The type of landlord insurance you need depends on the type and number of properties you have. For example, commercial landlord insurance can provide cover for single retail units or office premises, whereas residential landlord insurance covers properties you rent out for people to live in.
Why should I use a broker?
Using a broker to arrange your insurance may help reduce your workload and the associated time it takes you to search for your insurance. It is our aim to help you get value for money therefore we use the strength of our market position to negotiate with insurers, in advance, the product and premium pricing. We do this to help deliver the right product, at the right price for our clients. To present you with the options available to you, we compare insurance from a panel of UK insurers so that we can recommend a product to suit your business needs.