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Management liability insurance

Management liability insurance

You’ve worked hard to make your business a success. But in today’s world of regulations and legislation, an individual pursuing legal action could put your livelihood at risk. As a company director, you could be held personally liable.

  • Cover your business and individuals
    Ensure that both your individual directors and officers, and your company are covered to protect against new and changing laws.
  • A policy that changes with your business
    We can source policies that automatically respond to changes in your company, such as growth and acquisition.
  • Save time
    We research the right solution, saving you time and effort to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

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Management liability, employment practice

Employment practice liability

Employment practice liability (EPL) offers financial protection under management liability against defence costs and awards of claims arising, for example, from allegations of sexual harassment or wrongful dismissal by employees.

Employee related disputes can be highly emotive. If internal procedures aren't correctly followed, you can leave yourself at risk to a successful employment tribunal claim, causing significant financial and resource disruption.

Management liability, corporate legal liability

Corporate legal liability

This covers your company against defence costs and awards associated with events including maladministration of a company pension or employee benefit claim; breach of data protection; or corporate identity crime; and defence costs of defending health and safety, HMRC or other regulatory investigations.
Management liability, directors and officers liability, d and o insurance

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance

As a director and/or officer you may personally be liable to defend any claims brought against you. D&O insurance is designed to protect your people and business from personal liabilities in the face of legal action.