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Professional Indemnity For Insurance Brokers, Professional Indemnity For Insurance Intermediaries

Insurance for brokers and intermediaries

Insurance for brokers and intermediaries

We understand as a broker or intermediary, you're an expert in your field, providing a professional service. However, even the most experienced professionals make mistakes, presenting risks to you and your business. It's essential to have the right professional indemnity (PI) insurance in place that offers the necessary protection.

Here at Marsh Commercial, we can arrange cover that gives you and your business peace of mind. We'll give you:

  • Confidence
    We know you're dedicated to delivering specialist advice. You can be confident that we're committed to working with leading insurers on your behalf. We'll arrange appropriate cover – on competitive terms.
  • Expertise
    Our team have a wealth of knowledge in arranging commercial insurance for professionals. We take time to understand your business to ensure that the protection you have in place is suitable for the risks you face.
  • Service
    We're here for you when you need us – from providing tailored advice to walking you through the claims process. So while you focus on supporting your clients, we're here to protect you, making insurance one less thing for you to worry about

How our PI experts can help you

We take time to understand the risks you face and advise how to manage them. We're here to make sure you have the right PI insurance to protect your business.

Get in touch with a professional indemnity insurance expert

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What cover can professional indemnity offer you?

If you're responsible for causing financial loss to your client due to error or omission in the services you have provided, your professional indemnity (PI) policy will protect you. Legal costs and expenses involved in defending a claim, as well as compensation payable, will be covered.

You strive to avoid making mistakes, but occasionally they do happen. PI insurance protects you and your business if your client alleges a financial loss for:

  • a breach of a professional duty of care or unintentional breach of contract
  • unintentional breach of confidentiality or copyright
  • loss of documents or data.

Just as your clients have individual needs, not all PI insurance is the same. We can arrange a policy that provides the right protection you need to support your clients with confidence. You'll receive these benefits as standard on most PI policies:

  • capped excess
  • free tax advice helpline for you and on behalf of your clients
  • instalment facility
  • dedicated claims team
  • Policy exclusions and restrictions may exist based on your unique requirements.
financial institutions professional indemnity

Financial institutions

Financial institutions provide specialist advice that comes with a risk of being held to account for a client’s financial loss, should negligent advice be given. As well as negotiating competitive terms and providing protection should your business be liable for any compensation payable to your client, our services also include risk management support. 

professional indemnity for insurance brokers

Insurance brokers

Working with insurance brokers across the UK, including networks, multi-office franchises and independent firms, we understand the market and take time to understand your business. We provide wholesale insurance products for brokers that meet their specific needs.

pi insurance for mortgage brokers, professional indemnity insurance IFAs

Mortgage brokers and IFAs

Mortgage advisers and IFAs provide specialist advice that comes with a risk of being held to account for a client’s financial loss should negligent advice be given. PII will protect your business if it is found liable for any compensation payable to the claimant, and any legal costs incurred defending the claim.