Talking therapy insurance

Why do you need talking therapy insurance? 

Our talking therapist insurance is designed for qualified practitioners and trainees in psychotherapy, counselling, talking and listening therapy industries. It offers the protection and peace of mind you need to help your clients and carry out your work with confidence.

  • Experience 
    We have a wealth of experience in delivering professional liability insurance within this specialist field built up over many years.
  • Care
    We take the time to understand the work you do and the risks you face. We consistently get excellent client feedback and we regularly receive word of mouth recommendations from happy customers.
  • Claims
    We hope you never have to make a claim under your Oxygen Professional Liability Insurance, but if you do, we have a dedicated claims team that is on hand to help support you through the process.

How can we help?

Oxygen Professional Risks is a specialist provider of insurance to psychological and other people-based professions.

We strive to be a distinctive and refreshingly professional insurance provider that delivers superior products and service. We work hard to design insurance products that drive business value for our customers, protect their livelihoods, and provide a level of service that our customers tell us is exceptional.

Insurance for talking and counselling services
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Passion. It’s not something you’d usually associate with insurance. We think it should be.

After all, it’s what drives us to get to know you better and deliver the very best insurance policies and customer service.

It’s why we’re here when you need us – supporting you, your family and your lifestyle.