Manufacturing Business Insurance

Why you need manufacturing liability insurance

Being a critical part of the supply chain carries a variety of risks, from:

  • Damage to your premises or specialist equipment
    Keep your business running and maintain those special client and supplier relationships.
  • Confidential data breaches
    Deal with a cyber-attack quickly before it becomes expensive and potentially damages your reputation.
  • Defective products causing an injury
    Get protected from potential errors and omissions and the resulting costly legal action.

    Meet your deadlines, maintain your standards and feel reassured with comprehensive insurance for manufacturing companies.

Manufacturing insurance experts

We suggest ways to manage your risk, putting you in a better position with insurers and reducing the need to claim. With over 4,000 clients from food and drink manufacturers to plastics manufacturers and everything in-between. Get the right expertise when you need it most.

Who we work with

We are proud to be an associate member of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, and we help to provide guidance, advice and insights for its members. This is a key strategic partnership for Marsh Commercial and reflects our commitment to the manufacturing industry.

Machinery damage and breakdown insurance

Extended machinery warranties don’t normally provide cover for breakdown or accidental damage caused whilst in operation. Developed in conjunction with a leading insurer, the MACH 3-5-7 insurance policy is designed for operators of industrial and commercial machinery. It helps you plan for unforeseen mechanical breakdowns and production interruptions.

Here for Sidey 

Perth-based Sidey has been manufacturing and installing windows and doors for nearly 90 years. For more than a decade, Sidey has been assisted by Marsh Commercial. It’s our passion to advise, protect and support Sidey on their journey. That’s why we’re For the People.

Trade credit insurance

Non-payment can be a significant risk for any business trading on open credit terms. Trade credit insurance helps mitigate this risk. It can cover any business dealing on credit terms, whether supplying goods, providing services or operating in a contracting environment. 

Build resilience throughout your factory

Ensure the health and safety of your plant, recruit the right employees and retain your skilled workers. Visit the manufacturing hub for the latest tools, templates and guides to help you address your biggest risks and protect your business from the unexpected.

Practical support for manufacturers 

  1. Business protection

    We work hard developing risk solutions to protect your assets, liabilities, revenues, people, brand, reputation and your bottom line. Our team are here working behind the scenes so that you have confidence in the strength of your manufacturing liability insurance protection, enabling you to remain focussed on achieving your strategic objectives.

  2. Insurance and risk gap analysis

    We assess your insurable risks and the potential impact from each risk scenario. The insurance and risk gap analysis becomes a working tool, regularly reviewed and updated, providing you with practical recommendations, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  3. Cost reduction strategy

    Our approach to designing solutions considers the total cost of insurance and risk for any manufacturing business including premiums, taxes, self-insured risks, below deductible costs, risk control costs, employee benefits costs, claims handling costs and resource time. We develop integrated claims and risk management strategies which in turn reduces your total cost of risk.

  4. Managing your risks

    Our goal is to work as a risk partner for manufacturing businesses complimenting and adding value to all of your current risk management initiatives. As your risk partner, we can provide hands on support and advice. We have access to dedicated risk management resource including business continuity, regulatory enforcement and civil claims for compensation.

Manufacturing business insurance for your evolving risks 

Our manufacturer insurance packages allow you to include a variety of covers, including:

  • Environmental
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Legacy liability
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Cyber
  • Engineering
  • Molten metal breakout
  • Breakdown


  • Credit
  • Supply chain
  • Product recall
  • Crisis containment
  • Key personnel – kidnap and ransom
  • Motor fleet
  • Testing commissioning and installation
  • Travel

Whatever you manufacture, we're here to help you protect it

Frequently asked questions

I’m looking to develop my business over the next two years, how can you support me?
We’ll work with you to make sure your risk profile is up to date, so existing, new and upcoming exposures are identified and you can make informed decisions when planning for the future. Marsh Commercial’s manufacturing risk specialists understand your industry’s business issues and provide guidance to help you navigate risks.
Can you help me identify my businesses cyber risks?
Our support is strengthened by Marsh’s analytics capabilities, which provide business insights enabling you to make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage. Our cyber quantification model is one way in which we can help you identify your risk. We can calculate your exposure to cyber risk, understand the potential impact an attack could have on your business, and insure against it to help protect the future of your manufacturing business.
What can I do to help protect my supply chain?
The world is constantly changing, the pandemic and Brexit has had a large impact on supply chains. The best way to protect your business is to plan, a Business Continuity Plan is key. Taking steps to build resilience into the supply chain can protect revenue, market share, and ultimately a company's reputation.
I’m planning to move my manufacturing processes back to the UK, they are currently being off-shored to Asia and Eastern Europe; can you protect my business while I make this change?
Yes, as part of MarshMcLennan with more than 400 offices in more than 100 countries around the world, Marsh Commercial can access the global insight, disciplined process, and deep experience to help you manage the risks of operating in multiple markets.