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ICAEW office insurance

ICAEW office insurance

Office insurance for ICAEW members

In any accountancy practice – regardless of size – accidents can happen that are beyond your control. The impact of incidents such as broken or stolen equipment, or damaged premises can be extremely harmful to the business. 

Having the right office insurance is essential to protect you against damage to your office premises or equipment, minimising the interruption to your business that could lead to loss of income. This insurance provides peace of mind against risks such as fire and theft and could even extend to the contents that are temporarily away from the office.

What can we do for you?

Marsh Commercial is the exclusively appointed insurance broker for members professional indemnity , office and cyber insurance.

Working closely with the ICAEW, we have developed a range of insurance products that protect members from the specific risks they face as a chartered accountant. We currently manage more than 4,500 policies on behalf of members.

Our ICAEW office insurance features benefits exclusively negotiated for ICAEW members, including:

  • £25K cyber cover as standard
  • Full cover for accidental damage, theft (including equipment, keys and identity theft), and contents temporarily removed from the premises
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Computer breakdown
  • Legal expenses
  • Automatic reinstatement of the sum insured
  • Work at home
  • Employees’ / visitors’ personal effects
  • Public and employers liability insurance included
  • Interest-free instalment facility.

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Visit the AIM Hub

Tackle some of the biggest risks facing your business with a tool developed especially for ICAEW members! Discover resources and solutions to help you become aware of business risks, identify the specific risks you face and manage the impact of those risks on your business.
ICAEW banners 1-4 partners

ICAEW 1- 4 partners

Working closely with the ICAEW, we have developed a professional indemnity (PI) insurance policy that protects members from the specific risks they face as chartered accountants. We currently manage more than 4,300 PII policies on behalf of members.

ICAEW cyber insurance

ICAEW cyber insurance

Working closely with the ICAEW, we developed a cyber insurance policy that protects members from the specific cyber threats chartered accountants face. Whether you are a sole practitioner, work for a small practice or a large firm, we're here to protect you.

ICAEW 5 professional indemnity insurance

ICAEW 5+ partners

As well as being mandatory for ICAEW members, having accountants professional indemnity cover in place to deal with claims is vital to protect your business and reassure your clients.

ICAEW start ups, insurance for sole practitioners

Sole practitioners

We understand smaller accountancy practices are often penalised by minimum premium rating restrictions, so we negotiate on behalf of members with low fee incomes. Our ICAEW professional indemnity insurance for sole practitioners gives the right levels of cover you need to protect your business – at competitive rates.