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Hinkley Point C Contractors: Staying safe and having the right insurance cover 

What if you injure someone or lose or damage property at Hinkley Point C?

  • Employers Liability
    For employers who are liable for injuries to their employees
  • Public/Products Liability
    For injury or damage you cause to the general ‘public’
  • Contract Works
    To pay for reinstating loss or damage to ‘works’ such as structures and buildings before they are completed and handed over.
  • Own Plant and Tools
    Do you have cover for your expensive plant and tools?
  • Employees Tools
    Are your employees tools covered ?
  • Hired in Plant
    Do you have your own policy or do you pay for the insurance from the hire company (often not cost effective)

What if you injure yourself?

  • Personal Accident/ Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Life Assurance

Important exclusions

If you have insurance cover in place already, is it fit for purpose?  

  • Public Liability
    Most insurance policies will have an exclusion specifically relating to work on Nuclear Sites.
  • Plant and Tools
    Most insurance policies will exclude theft overnight and unattended unless the equipment is locked away in a secure building or compound.
  • Motor Insurance
    Most insurance policies will exclude any damage arising from nuclear hazard.

We can check your current policy cover and offer advice and guidance on these exclusions. 

Are you over-insured?

We believe that it is far better to be over-insured than under-insured! However, insurance cover does need to be efficient and duplicating cover is not the best use of time and money. We can help you decide if you have dual insurance and what insurance you have in place already that is perhaps surplus to requirements.

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