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Agricultural contractors insurance

Tractor insurance

What can farm tractor insurance do for you?

Whether you are a one-man-band, run a family farm or a large farming business operating a fleet of tractors, tractor insurance will give you peace of mind and protection should the unthinkable happen. Knowing there is a comprehensive policy in place covering the vehicles, attachments and specialist equipment, such as GPS kit, is crucial when things go wrong. 

  • Incidents
    Farm-related incidents such as electrical fires, theft, accidental damage and even flooding could be extremely destructive. With the criminal community focusing on GPS kit, theft is a costly experience: replacing receivers, screens, steering system and auto rate controllers, not to mention the licenses and reactivation fees. The last thing any farmer needs is for their combine to ingest something by accident: a rock, log or another object. This type of incident can cause significant damage to machinery. Could you afford to pay for damage to your vehicle as a result of these unexpected events if you weren't insured?
  • Third-party damage 
    Imagine your tractor is involved in an accident that causes considerable damage to someone's property or even injures somebody. You may well be liable to cover any damage costs or meet significant personal injury settlements. Never mind the legal costs. Having an appropriate policy means these sorts of events are covered.  Even when on private land, your vehicles still need to be appropriately covered.
  • Protecting your investment
    Sometimes you can help mitigate the risk and cost of insurance. Simple tools like steering ram stops or immobilisers make theft that much more difficult. Tracking systems routinely enable insurance discounts to be achieved. Precision farming tools and agriculture GPS systems are now widely used. Thieves view these expensive systems as easy pickings, especially when left in fields overnight. Measures such as making sure vehicles are left in locked sheds at night lessen risk. However, bear in mind under all motor policies, a duty of care exists and leaving keys in unattended tractors can result in claims being refused. 

How can our farming insurance experts help you?

When it comes to finding the best tractor insurance, we know one size doesn't fit all. 

So we work with UK tractor insurance providers to find the right product for you, limiting disruption to your business by keeping those big wheels turning.

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Farm combined

Farm insurance combining the key elements of your farm that you need to protect. 

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Cover for cars, commercial and agricultural vehicles, as well as implements and attachments.