Farming Combined Insurance - Home and Farm

Why should you combine your farm insurances?

You're busy running your farming business, and we understand you want to spend minimal time managing your insurance matters. Because we work with approved insurers familiar with the challenges and risks you face, we'll arrange cover that combines your farming: arable, pastoral or mixed farming, and your property in one easy-to-manage policy. 

We'll make sure the key areas of your farming business are protected, leaving you time to concentrate on doing what you do best. 

What our farm insurance experts can do for you

With many years of experience in the field of agricultural insurance, it's safe to say our team of farm insurance experts know a thing or two about this market. 

Our team of agricultural insurance experts are here to help you. We'll review the cover you have in place, identify any areas your farm insurance leaves you exposed and arrange protection that's right for you. 

Farm property

Cover for damage to your buildings, produce, deadstock, machinery and tools. 


Covering your herds and flocks based on risks of fire, lightening, electrocution, impact, malicious damage and theft. Additional cover can be arranged.

Business interruption

For loss of income and additional costs resulting from the incident for which you are insured.


Your family home and contents as well as any property you let to tenants.

Public and products liability

Protecting your business in the event of third party injury or third party property damage caused by you.

Environmental liability

Meeting the costs associated with the effects of clean up and remediation from a pollution event.

Goods in transit

Protecting the value of property in transit whilst carried by your own vehicles.