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Environmental pollution liability insurance

Environmental pollution liability insurance

We're here to help with your environmental pollution liability insurance

We understand that as an agricultural contractor, you face many daily risks. The nature of your work and the substances you use can potentially cause pollution or damage the environment at any given time. With the possibility of a malfunction of holding tanks or fire on your property, for example.

These risks mean there's the potential for a regulator or third party to claim for damages, or perhaps you will be responsible for covering the cost of a clean-up.

Contractor pollution liability insurance protects against these risks, allowing you to focus on your business.

What our farming insurance team can do for you

Our agricultural insurance experts are here to help you. We'll review your contractor pollution insurance needs, look at your cover in place, and identify areas you may be exposed to risk. We'll then arrange the right cover to protect you and your farming business.

We're here to help you understand farming industry regulations, your responsibilities relating to them, and how the right insurance can protect you.

Farmshield is an exclusive scheme that protects your business against risks—including environmental clean-up costs related to public liability.

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Specialist cover to protect against your pollution liabilities

We can arrange protection for costs relating to:

  • Clean-up—testing for or monitoring of pollution or contamination and cleaning up, removing, containing, treating, detoxifying or neutralising pollution or contamination.
  • Biodiversity damage—land, air, water, groundwater, drinking water supplies and fish, wildlife, biota (combined flora and fauna) and their habitats, excluding special species and natural habitats.
  • Property damage or injury—directly or indirectly caused by pollution or contamination.
  • Legal costs—incurred defending any claims made against you.