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Insurance for combine harvesters

Combine harvester insurance

We're here to help with your combine harvester insurance

We know your combine is a critical part of your agricultural fleet. Imagine the impact on your farming business—particularly at harvest time—if there's a problem with this essential vehicle that prevents you from gathering crops and working the land.

Regular servicing and adequate maintenance to ensure the smooth running of your harvester and adopting robust security measures that prevent theft are critical. Still, it's also essential to have combine harvester insurance to protect your business should the unthinkable happen.

How our agricultural insurance team can help you

You're busy running your farming business. We appreciate that, so along with arranging your farm vehicle insurance, we can ensure your combine harvester is adequately protected. We work with specialist insurers that understand the risks you face and the importance of settling your claims quickly and efficiently.

We're here to protect your business and minimise disruption—should the unthinkable happen, making agricultural vehicle insurance one less thing for you to worry about.

Get in touch with our farming insurance experts

Specialist cover to protect your combine harvester

We can arrange protection for your combine harvester, which includes:

  • accidental damage
  • loss or damage resulting from fire or theft.

Other types of vehicles and machinery our farm vehicle insurance offers cover for include:

  • tractors self-propelled sprayers
  • farm quad bikes
  • private cars and commercial vehicles
  • forage harvesters and self-propelled potato harvesters
  • all attachments.
Farm insurance UK, farming insurance, agricultural insurance

Farm combined

Farm insurance combining the key elements of your farm that you need to protect. 

Environmental liability insurance, insure farm vehicles farm fleet, farm vehicle insurance

Farm fleet

Cover for cars, commercial and agricultural vehicles, as well as implements and attachments.

Farming insurance, farm insurance equipment inspection

Agricultural equipment inspection

We can help you keep up-to-date with legislation and offer advise for protecting your farm and staff.

Farming insurance, agricultural insurance, environmental liability insurance

Environmental liability

Having appropriate cover under your farm insurance policy could be crucial in avoiding unexpectedly large bills for clean up costs.