Uncover the hidden link between mental health and workplace safety

Join us on Friday 14 June at 10am to learn the best practices for fostering a culture of mental health awareness and enhancing workplace safety. Register now .

Health and safety loss control

Protecting your most important asset 

Demonstrating that your staff have been properly trained protects your people and can help you avoid the risks of legal action and fines. 

This Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) accredited online compliance training programme is included as part of your policy. This will help develop and strengthen health and safety across your business. 

  • Comprehensive Modules include an extensive library of key danger topics, including: stress, managing contractors, manual handling and work at height. It also identifies and addresses industry specific areas.
  • ConvenientAs the training is web-based, your staff can complete it individually at a time and place that’s convenient. 
  • Compliant - By identifying the additional training needs of particular employees, the system helps your company to raise knowledge levels, while demonstrating a high standard of compliance to your customers and regulators.

How our team of dedicated energy experts can help

Marsh Commercial is an oil, gas and energy insurance and risk specialist, so you can be confident your insurance is in safe hands. 

With over 40 years’ experience in the energy sector, our Aberdeen based team will take the time to know your business. We’ll uncover your risks and exposures and we’ll work with you to reduce them. 

We’re not just here in the event of a claim, we’ll do everything we can to avoid you having to make one in the first place.

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