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Environmental clean-up costs

Helping you reduce the impact

In the event of an environmental incident, the right insurance protects you from the considerable financial impacts of clean-up. It also means you can be proactive in taking swift action. Policy details include:  

  • Comprehensive £5m limit (cost inclusive)
  • CompliantIn respect of 3rd parties as required by European Environment Agency (EEA) environmental laws and any EEA government or statutory body. 
  • Trade exclusions applicable – arising out of underground resources equipment, pipelines or any form of construction, demolition or remediation activities. 

Should you need a fully tailored environmental impairment liability insurance solution, we’ll work with our insurer AIG to create the right package for your business. 

How our team of dedicated energy experts can help 

Marsh Commercial is an oil, gas and energy insurance and risk specialist so you can be confident your insurance is in safe hands.

With over 40 years’ experience in the energy sector, our Aberdeen-based team will take the time to know your business. We’ll uncover your risks and exposures and we’ll work with you to reduce them. 

We’re not just here in the event of a claim, we’ll do everything we can to avoid you having to make one in the first place.

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