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Crisis containment

Protecting your reputation 

A single incident can spark a chain reaction of bad publicity that can impact customer relationships and damage your reputation with local communities, regulators and more. 

Included as part of your employer’s liability, public liability or products liability policy, we’ll support you with professional crisis communication expertise – to guide you through the media storm and to help you stay ahead of the adverse headlines. 

  • ProtectedActivate crisis containment support if your business is disputed or you believe the incident will cause adverse publicity or imminent financial loss.
  • Proactive Crisis containment teams will spring into action immediately and support your business for 30 days after the incident.
  • ProfessionalProvides a range of assistance including advice and support in communicating with regulators, media, staff, suppliers, customers or investors.

How our team of dedicated energy experts can help 

Marsh Commercial is an oil, gas and energy insurance and risk specialist, so you can be confident your insurance is in safe hands. 

With over 40 years’ experience in the energy sector, our Aberdeen-based team will take the time to understand your business. We’ll uncover your risks and exposures and work with you to reduce them. 

We’re not just here in the event of a claim, we’ll do everything we can to avoid you having to make one in the first place.

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