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Mini fleet insurance

What is mini fleet insurance?

Designed for businesses that operate between 2 and 25 vehicles, mini fleet insurance is perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises. By combining vehicles onto one policy, you will save time and money, while benefiting from the flexibility to add new ones.

  • Extensive cover
    Mini fleet insurance – also known as small fleet insurance – covers business cars and commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Some insurers on our panel offer protection for trucks up to 44 tonnes, as well as trailers and particular types of vehicles such as HGVs, buses, coaches and plant.
  • Specialist insurers 
    Our panel of insurers, which includes Axa and Zurich, can offer a wide range of standard cover for different trades, often accepted without referral. The Motor Insurance Database (MID) will also be automatically updated on your behalf.
  • Simple set-up
    You can obtain a quote and set up or renew your small fleet insurance policy following a simple online process. 

How our fleet and commercial vehicle insurance experts can help you

Our expert team works with you to understand precisely how many and what type of vehicles you need cover for. We will then find the right insurance solutions that meet your specific business needs.

For full details on the cover provided, or for a no obligation quotation, please contact us.

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