Fleet insurance and commercial vehicle insurance

Commercial fleet insurance

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Commercial fleet insurance shouldn't be painful, after all, it's there to protect you

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What is fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance protects two or more vehicles that are used for business activities: from company cars right up to large haulage vehicles. Fleet cover is designed to insure multiple vehicles under one fleet insurance policy. This means that you have flexibility over who can drive them and you don't need to insure each driver or vehicle individually. It can also provide access to expert legal help should you need it.

Key features and benefits

  • One policy with one renewal date
  • Price competitive cover to market conditions
  • No charge add-ons, e.g. legal expenses
  • Claims support

Vehicles covered

Large, medium or mini-fleets, whatever vehicle you run, no matter the size of your fleet, we can find you the right fleet insurance solution for all your vehicles under one policy. If your business has two or more of the following company vehicles, we can help you:

  • Cars
  • Coaches
  • HGVs
  • Minibuses
  • Motorbikes or scooters
  • Taxis
  • Trucks and lorries
  • Vans

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What does a motor fleet insurance cover?

Fleet insurance policies can include:

  • Theft, damage and third-party liability
  • Loss of, or damage to, your vehicles
  • Vehicle recovery and repairs (including heavy goods vehicles)
  • Replacement locks in the event of keys being lost or stolen
  • Legal assistance plan

Through our close relationships with leading insurers we can offer a broad range of commercial fleet insurance solutions. Get in touch to discuss.

Here when you need claims support

Claims happen. When they do, our claims service kicks into action to support you.

  • 43,000+ claims handled in 2020!
  • In-house claims advisers – we are based in the UK to support you and your business when you need us most
  • Access to expert claims consultants – If you have a large loss, there is specialist support on hand for your business at a critical time

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Fleet risk management

Fleet risk management

Our fleet risk management service supports your commitment to the wellbeing of your employees and the protection of your vehicle investments. Experience a seamless integration into your business operations, tailored to fit effortlessly, regardless of size or variety of your fleet. Visit our new digital marketplace to learn more.
commercial vehicles

The secret to competitive fleet insurance premiums

Understand why your claims cost per vehicle (CCPV) is so important to insurers and how it impacts your premium.

Mini-fleet insurance

Designed for businesses that operate between 2 and 25 vehicles, mini-fleet insurance is perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises. By combining vehicles onto one policy, you will save time and money, while benefitting from the flexibility to add new ones.

Trade credit insurance

Non-payment can be a significant risk for any business trading on open credit terms. Trade credit insurance helps mitigate this risk. It can cover any business dealing on credit terms, whether supplying goods, providing services or operating in a contracting environment. This is available for the whole of your turnover, or specific named clients.

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Frequently asked questions

Fleet insurance providers can usually arrange cover for as little as two vehicles. Get in touch with one of our insurance experts who can help you find a policy to suit your needs. It's usually cheaper to insure your business vehicles under one policy, rather than insuring them individually. Once you have a fleet policy, you can check your driver data to see what can be improved to reduce accidents, which can help you to negotiate a cheaper rate. This is because the cost of fleet insurance is often calculated using your claims history. The motor insurance database is a central record of all vehicles that are insured in the UK, and this is shared with the DVLA to help identify uninsured vehicles. When you have a fleet policy, you’ll have multiple vehicles insured under a single policy. Some insurers will allow you to access and maintain your vehicles on the motor insurance database directly.