Cleaning Contractors Insurance

Why do you need cleaning contractors insurance?

As a cleaning contractor, whether you’re looking for domestic cleaning insurance, commercial cleaning insurance or work on light industrial properties, you will require a policy that reflects the associated risks. With over 12 years’ experience of catering for the insurance needs of cleaning contractors, we understand you and your business.

  • Risk management
    When you’re responsible for cleaning your client’s properties there are naturally a number of risks involved, so it pays to have a broker in your corner who can help minimise exposure.
  • Market leading cover
    We're able to offer an exclusive cleaning contractor’s insurance policy that gives reassuringly comprehensive cover, along with the experience to advise what cover you do and don’t really need.
  • Advice when it counts
    Nobody wants to have to claim on their insurance policy if they can avoid it, but if that happens it’s good to know that the service you’ll receive is second to none. Ensuring your claim experience is as painless as possible

How our cleaning contractors insurance experts can help

Because cleaning contractors are naturally exposed to a number of risks, whether that’s the chemicals you might use as a carpet cleaning contractor or damage to commercial properties, we have worked with a leading insurer to provide you with the most appropriate and effective cover available. Details on the risks faced by you or your business, and what we cover, are shown below.

Electrical contractors

If you are an electrical contractor, you'll require specialist insurance cover that reflects your risks. We can provide you with market leading cover and the expertise you require.

Fire safety contractors

Whilst some electrical contractors may also include works within the fire industries, you may also provide standalone services, for which you’ll need specific fire safety insurance. We can offer specialised cover to help protect you and your business from the risks you face.

What does cleaning contractors insurance cover?

  • Public Liability
    Provides cover for limits of £2Million, £5Million or £10 Million upon request, protecting you in case your activities injure a client, contractor or member of the public, plus damage to third party property, including to the item being worked upon. Cover also includes financial loss, inefficacy cover, loss of customers keys, criminal acts of employees and misuse of customers phones. No height limit is applied.
  • Employer's Liability
    Cover for your employees and labour only sub-contractors should they suffer an injury, disease or death whilst under your employment.  No need to declare employee numbers.
  • Professional Indemnity cover
    We give this cover automatically within the policy, protecting you in the event of professional errors or omissions of up to £500,000, with the ability to increase limits on request.
  • 24/7 tools cover
    This includes whilst kept in unattended vehicles, as long as tools are kept out of sight.
  • Hired in plant
    This covers your legal liability for hired-in-plant.
  • Own tools, plant and equipment

    Portable electronic equipment, and portable tools cover covered on a new for old basis with overnight cover. Usually with no minimum security or alarm warranty, on the understanding that equipment is kept out of sight.

  • Legal expenses
    Provides legal protection and a legal helpline, limit of up to £100.000.

  • Additional features
    • Interest free payment by direct debit
    • No automatic height limit applied to the policy
    • A simple renewal process

Frequently asked questions 

What kind of cleaning contractors do you offer insurance for?
We can provide, commercial cleaning insurance, domestic cleaning insurance / house cleaning insurance, carpet cleaning insurance and light industrial cleaning insurance. Please enquire if you are unsure about whether you are able to obtain cover for your cleaning business.  
How much does domestic cleaning insurance cost?
The cost will vary depending on the size of your business and exposure to risk along with other variables. Simply have a chat with us and we can provide a quote based on the information you give us.