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Protecting your business from cyber-crime

Cyber-security in healthcare is a growing concern and for good reason. Healthcare has been a key target for cyber-criminals, accounting for 67% of attacks in 2019.1

Protecting your business from cyber-crime and data breaches doesn't need to be expensive. Costs can be mitigated by cyber liability insurance policies, updating your procedures, technology and training.

This page is home to a variety of content designed to help you nurture a culture of compliance in your business. Learn how cyber-crime has evolved and prepare your employees to detect suspicious activity.


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Healthcare spotlight on cyber-security

Throughout 2020, cyber-criminals continued to target industries where there are huge financial rewards, like health and care in the UK. Find out why the health and care industry is so lucrative for cyber-criminals.

How to spot a phishing email scam

Phishing attacks aren’t new, however they are now more sophisticated than ever and growing, targeting larger numbers of people and causing harm to both individuals and organisations – find out how to spot one.

The evolution of business email compromise

Just one click on a legitimate-looking phishing email scam can expose your entire email environment to an attack by cyber-criminals.

The threat of ransomware in healthcare

A ransomware incident is one of the most disruptive and costly attacks your organisation can suffer. Adopting basic cyber hygiene is key to avoiding a ransomware incident.

How banking Trojans sneak into your healthcare business

Banking Trojans have evolved over time to perform functions other than stealing banking credentials – like serving as a precursor to a ransomware attack.

Cyber liability

Cyber-security in the health and care industry has been a growing concern in recent years. We can advise on the best solution for your business.

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