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Carer employers insurance

Carer employers insurance

Insurance for those employing carers in their home

We understand that if you employ personal assistants or carers in your home for yourself or on behalf of someone else either through direct payments, personal budgets, private funding or self-funding, you will face various daily risks.

We're here to arrange insurance to protect you from these risks, with three levels of cover available*:

  • Bronze £62.50
    includes employers liability, public liability, and access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline
  • Silver £78.50
    everything in Bronze plus legal expenses including redundancy
  • Gold £88.50
    everything in Silver plus personal accident.

* Prices based on annual premiums including Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current standard rate.

We care about care, and our team of experts is here to help you

Our dedicated carer employer insurance team is here to make sure you have the right level of cover to protect you and your staff. You can buy online by clicking “Get a quote” below, or call us and we will talk you through the cover you need.

Get in touch with our health and care insurance team

What protection do the three levels of carer employer insurance offer?

Bronze cover is only £62.50 per year and includes:

  • Employers liability insurance
    If your carer or personal assistant suffers an injury whilst working for you, and you are responsible, employers liability will cover any compensation due and legal fees incurred – up to £20 million per claim.
  • Public liability insurance
    If you, your carer or your personal assistant are liable for the injury or death of another person or damage to their property, this insurance will cover costs up to £20 million per claim.
  • Access to a 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline
    A helpline providing legal advice regarding a variety of topics including employment disputes, contract disputes, redundancies and termination.

For added protection Silver cover is only £78.50 per year and includes everything in the bronze package plus:

  • Legal expenses
    If you enter into a dispute with your carer or personal assistant, you may need professional advice and legal representation, especially if the dispute results in an industrial tribunal. Our silver package includes cover for up to £100,000 of legal expenses including compensation awards for redundancy. For more detailed information, please read the Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance product information.

For even greater protection Gold cover is only £88.50 per year which includes everything in the silver package plus:

  • Personal accident
    This cover is available up to age 90 if you or your carer or personal assistant suffers an accident whilst in employment. It provides £10,000 in the event of death, up to £10,000 in the event of permanent loss of sight or limbs, and £500 fracture benefit. For more detail, please read the Personal Accident Insurance product information.

For more detailed information about Carer Employer Insurance, please read the Policy Summary and Policy Wording.

Frequently asked questions

No. To take out a carer employers insurance policy, we don't need to know who cares for you.  Carers also need to make sure they have insurance to cover any claims made against them. We advise that your carer has public liability policy to protect themselves. We can also provide self-employed carers insurance for your carers via our website.  Yes. To set up a policy online, we will require payment at the time of inception. Please call us so we can invoice your payment group. Policies set up and paid for by a third party we invoice directly and do not incur the £15 administration fee. The policy needs to be in the name of the person responsible for directing carers' duties and arranging their pay and tax: the care recipient, a parent, a guardian, other relative or trust. We may ask for a power of attorney or a list of trustees to manage the policy effectively.

The carer employer policy can be cancelled within 14 days of taking out or renewing the policy. A full refund will be given at this time, providing no claims have been notified or made on the policy.

A pro-rata refund would be available after 14 days of taking out or renewing a policy. This will be subject to the agreement from the insurer, Zurich Insurance PLC., and the days and time the policy has been in place and paid for.

If you continue to experience problems please call us on 0330 818 7658. 

If you take out or renew a policy online you are receiving a non-advised policy. This means you have not received any advice from Marsh Commercial regarding the policy or level of cover. You policy and the documents are processed automatically so no administration fee is charged.

When you take out or renew a policy over the phone, you are receiving advice from us regarding the policy and levels of cover, and therefore have an advised policy. The £15 fee (or £10 fee when issuing duplicate documents by post) covers the administration of the policy for setting it up, renewing it, issuing documents manually and referrals to the insurer where applicable. The £15 admin fee is also required for these reasons by payments made via BACS or cheque. 

Our policy on charging fees can be found in our Terms of Business.  You will receive a copy of our Terms of Business if you take out a policy, or you can request this from us by emailing care@marshcommercial.co.uk

The policy covers up to and including four carers or personal assistants in your employment.  If you employ five or more carers or personal assistants we can refer this to the insurer for a quote, however this may result in an increased premium. Personal accident cover (included in the Gold Package only) must be selected to cover an accident – depending on the circumstances and the injury. Please refer to the policy wording for the full table of benefits and exclusions. There is also an age limit of 90 years.  No. Once your renewal date has passed, you will need to purchase a new Gold, Silver or Bronze package policy, which can be done online or over the phone. If you experience problems taking out a new policy online, please let us know. It's important to know you will have a gap in cover if you do not renew your policy in time. This means if a claim arises for the time you did not have insurance in place, it would not be covered.