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Landlord boiler insurance

Boiler insurance for your property

As a landlord you may have a long list of responsibilities to ensure your property is suitable for tenants. When it comes to insurance, tenants are responsible for their contents and belongings. However, as a landlord, you’re responsible for arranging cover for the building, and may wish to consider boiler insurance.

With landlord boiler insurance from Boilerplus, you can recoup the cost of repairing or replacing faulty parts which cause the boiler to breakdown.

  • Gas and oil boilers
    We can arrange cover for your boiler whether it is gas or oil-fired. So you can be sure you'll have the right cover in place.
  • Choose your engineer
    We won't tell you who to use for your boiler repairs, so you can continue to work with a suitably qualified engineer you know and trust (please refer to the full terms and conditions.)
  • Claims support
    Boilerplus provides a claims limit of up to £1,500 per year including VAT. There's no limit to the number of claims you can make up to this amount.

How we can help

Our boiler insurance team is on hand to discuss your landlord boiler insurance requirements for your rental property. We just need to ask you some questions in order to provide a quote to suit your needs.

Get in touch with the Boilerplus team

Call the Boilerplus team, or get a quote and buy cover online.

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Conventional boiler

Most boilers fitted before 1 April 2005 are conventional. They heat the water which they store in a hot water tank or cylinder, and include a manual override button (or emersion heater.)

Price per year from £228.10

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Conventional condensing boiler

Conventional boilers fitted after 1 April 2005 must be condensing. They work the same as conventional boilers, but also use the heat trapped in condensation to heat the water, making it more energy efficient.

Price per year from £300.09

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Combination boiler

Combination boilers have become increasingly more popular. They do not feature a hot water tank, instead the hot water goes straight to the taps.

Price per year from £300.09