Insurance for Association of Photographic Stylists (AOPS) Members

Get expert, impartial advice and protect yourself with affordable, tailor-made insurance.

We’re delighted to have been chosen to be your recommended insurance broker.

Protecting your business and your livelihood with affordable, tailor-made insurance is a responsibility we take seriously – and one we know is important to you.

In a recent survey[1], more than 250 stylists made it clear they wanted help with insurance. In fact, more than two thirds said they had no business insurance at all, a situation that left them exposed should something go wrong at work.

That is why we have teamed up with Victoria Tunstall from the AOPS – to make sure you have access to expert help and support with insurance.

Advice and Insurance for Photographic Stylists

As an award-winning UK insurance broker[2], we are ideally placed to give you the help you need.

Whether you want help working out what insurance you need, someone to explain insurance without all the technical jargon, or support to help you find tailored, affordable insurance quickly and easily. We’re here to give you the advice and support you need, free of charge.

Not only that, our insurance solution for members is competitively priced. It includes as standard the essential insurance covers you typically need as a photographic stylist – from public liability to copyright infringement cover. What’s more, we can easily add other insurance you might need; from cover for business premises, contents, stock and equipment, through to employers liability cover – which is compulsory for most businesses that have employees. You only have to ask.

For free advice or a no obligation quote, contact us on 01905 892 350 or email AOPS@Jelfgroup.com

[1] The survey was conducted in March 2017 by Victoria Tunstall on behalf of the Association of Photographic Stylists and sent to 1,000 stylists, with a response rate of 27%.
[2] www.jelfgroup.com/page/our-awards.